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A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a brilliant academic who suffered from schizophrenia. The affliction gradually takes over his mind as his life falls apart around him. He walks away from his students, his colleagues and becomes consumed by his obsession. The government asks his help with breaking Soviet codes, which soon gets him involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot. Nash grows more and more paranoid until a discovery that turns his entire world upside down.

Episode Reference

In episode 106.5, as Michaela and Saanvi are trying to identify the man on the plane who spoke Bulgarian, Ben shows them his iPad where he set up a database with a diagram of Flight 828 manifest list with thumbnails of passenger’s photos representing seats on the airplane. “Any of these familiar?” he asks. Michaela then responds, “That’s my bro. ‘Beautiful Mind,’ travel edition.”


Each of the 828ers brains (i.e. the insular cortex) has been activated, consistent with someone experiencing hallucinations (cf. 104.5). We have seen Ben’s math prowess (104.14). We have also seen examples of Ben’s paranoia  (103.13), and how he has become obsessed with gathering information (104.3), and feeling trapped by it (105.27).

Since Director Vance now realizes that DHS was lying to him, and that Ben is on to something (106.24), Vance might ask Ben to work with him to find out what happened to Flight 828. If not Vance, what about Dr. Fiona Clarke? Whoever Ben aligns himself to, will he like John Nash find himself involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot? What will he find? What discoveries about himself will he make? How will this effect his relationship with his wife and those around him? What rabbit hole is he about to go into to (cf. 196.7)?

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