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Captain Bill Daly was the pilot of Flight 828.

Episode References

Flight 828

Flight 828

In episode 111.1, a flashback has Captain Bill Daly and the co-pilot flying the plane when they encounter a storm and severe turbulence. Daly made an abrupt move and flew through the storm when the plane disappeared off radar (111.1). Captain Bill Daly informs the passengers that was extreme turbulence resulting from a sudden weather surge that was not on the radar (101.2).

The Investigation

The Investigation

While being interviewed by Director Vance, Daly says that the instruments never detected a thing (101.4). Cal asks Daly if he has any wings to give him, he says, “Sorry, kiddo. Uh, they just got clipped.” (111.1)

Daly and other passengers are called to the fence where they witness the plane blow up (101.24).

While being detained the next day for additional interviews, Daly asks Ben and Michaela if they are seeing and hearing things in their head. He also tells them that the investigators things that everything that has happened with the plan is his fault (102.1).

The Beach House

The Meeting at the Beach House

Daly receives a phone call from Saanvi inviting him, and the other passengers who showed up at the fence, to the beach house (110.8). Daly tells Ben that he does not trust Fiona, and that he is going to find things out on his own. Daly then leaves (110.9).

The Flight Simulator

The Flight Simulator

Daly calls Ben and they agree to met the next day (111.4). Daly drives Ben to a Long Island airport where he shows him a flight simulator which suppose to depict the exact weather conditions of Flight 828. But that storm was nothing like Daly experienced. He thinks its a government cover up. His evidence: A “cover-up” flight simulator report dated the day the plane disappeared (111.5).

Daly and Ben introduce themselves to Roger Mencin, a meteorologist who was on the ground performing experiments at the location and at the exact time Flight 828 experienced turbulence (111.6). Mencin tells them about dark lightning (111.8)

Back at the simulator, with data that Roger handed over – not the phony government data, Daly runs the program which offers up an entirely different storm: The one Daly experienced that night the plane disappeared. While he was showing Ben how he flew into the storm, the simulator crashed the plane. They repeat the flight five more times with no success (111.10).

The Flight Simulator

Daly’s Plan to Set Things Straight

Daly meets up with Fiona. They both agree they need to set things straight. Daly then puts some liquid on a piece of cloth and asphyxiates Fiona causing her to become unconscious so he can take her to the airport (111.14).

Ben tries to talk Daly down as he gears up the plane before taking off. In the seat next to him is Fiona who Daly calls his missing link. Waking up, Fiona asks him what he is doing, and cries out help. Michaela yells, “Stop!” in the radio. But Daly ignores her plea and takes off (111.19).

As the air national guard are called out, Daly heads right into the storm and climbs to “penetration altitude.” He thinks Fiona knows how to make the dark lightning happen, but she tells him she doesn’t know how. Daly then decides to go through the center of the storm.  He tells Fiona he will see her in 2024. Just then their is a bright light. The air national guard then broadcasts, “The threat has been neutralized.” (111.20)

The Package

The Package

When Ben and Michaela arrive back at their apartment, they find a package from Daly. Inside are a set of Captain Wings, and a note that says, “For your son, better late than never.” On the television, the news say that the authorities are unable to find any remains (111.21).

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