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A bus driver is a person whose job is to drive a bus.

Episode References

In episode 101, Michaela hears a voice which says, “Slower, slower, slower.” She yells out to the bus driver to slow down. He responds, “Excuse me? Do I come to your work and tell you how to do your job?” Moments later, after Michaela yells out again, and he slows down, a small boy runs out in front of the bus, and the bus driver is able to stop the bus just in time. “How’d you see him coming?! Lady! How the hell?!”


This scene is the first time

  • the viewer realizes that there might be something special about the voice that Michaela hears. Michaela initially heard the voice say, “All things” earlier in the episode (101.6),
  • the writer’s use the word “hell

The boy who runs out into the street to get his red ball was obviously saved. If it had not been for Michaela telling the bus driver to slow down, the bus would have plowed right into him.

Who is the bus driver?  Are we going to learn more about him in a future episode?

“Who is driving the bus” of Michaela’s life? Is she able to go where she needs, and determine how fast, or when she has to stop? If she is not in the driver’s seat, how will she react when the bus picks up other passengers on her journey? Who will be saved? And if things don’t work out, who will Michaela blame?

Personal significance:  Sometimes we experience our own life moving too fast and we want to cry out, “Slower, slower, slower.” Everyone has thoughts during the day that appear out of nowhere calling us to action, whether good or bad. Why not take several breaths to determine what they are and challenge them if they are calling us to do something we don’t want. Just because a person thinks a thought doesn’t make it true, just as Michaela will find out in future episodes. One can’t always trust his/her thought. There needs to be a discernment process. Fortunately, for everyone involved in this scene with the bus driver, everything appeared to have turned out okay. Although the bus drivers first thought Michaela was an unruly rude passenger, this was one day I am sure he was glad he followed her lead. Whose lead are we following?

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