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Callings are thoughts, visions, sounds, etc. that a character experiences “calling” them to say or do something for a purpose they are not always sure of. Characters who have callings spend a lot of time discerning whether they are good or bad, or how to proceed as a result of them.

Episode References

The first hint of the “callings” occur in episode 101.6 when Michaela hears a voice in her head saying, “All things”  just after Grace says, “The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.” Moreover, there seems to be a relation between the callings and Karen Stone’s favorite bible verse,

“All things work together for good…” (Romans 8:28).

The first calling seems to be the one that calls Cal in 105.28 where he sees a bright light out the window of Flight 828, and says, “It’s all connected.”  (It almost makes one wonder if Cal’s name is, in fact, a derivation of “calling”—as the first one called.


Are they curses or blessings? There is a lot of discussion about whether the callings are good or bad. Things that look like mistakes when following callings may not really be mistakes. It might all be part of the plan.

  • The ATF bust:  At first, one might conclude that Michaela made a mistake. But we are also told that there will be a thorough investigation of the event. We might later learn that the bust was going to go terribly wrong (in a way that hadn’t revealed itself yet).
  • Freeing the dogs: Could it have happened that way, so that Michaela had Jared with her for backup when she actually found the girls? Ben wouldn’t have been as effective in a fight, and the police wouldn’t have believed the story as easily about why they just happened to find the girls if Jared hadn’t been there to witness it.

Thus, it’s too soon to judge the results of some of the callings.

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Outline of Michaela's Callings

Michaela’s Callings:

  • 101: Voice
    • “All Things!” spoken to Michaela after Grace says, “The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.”
    • “Slower, Slower…” while on bus causing Michaela to scream out to driver
      • saves young boy from being hit by bus
    • “Set them Free!” Michaela sees two barking dogs locked up (shared w/ Ben)
      • frees dogs who love their owner and who appear well taken care of
      • caught on video; fortunately, Jared helps set things right
    • “Set them Free!” Michaela is exploring grounds of metal works facility where dogs were locked up
  • 101: Other People
    • Priest tells Michaela that the way to know if one is called is to know it in one’s heart.
  • 101: Vision
    • Plane in her head
      • brings Michaela back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation
  • 103: Objects—Magnetic plastic letters
  • 103: Other People—Prisoner
  • 104: Voice and vision
    • “Save Him!”  by Angel with wings (shared in part w/ Saanvi)
      • Michaela misinterprets calling and botches an ATF operation, Jared takes the blame and is suspended
    • After talking to Jared who tells her she need to seek help, she drives to hospital to meet up Saanvi who is with Bethany
    • Michaela asks Angel of Waters statue, “What do you want?”
Outline of Ben's Callings

Ben’s Callings:

  • 101: Sharp pain / possible accompanied by  a vision
    • Plane in his head
      • brings Ben back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation
  • 102: Voice
    • “Set them Free!”  (shared w/ Michaela)
      • frees dogs who love their owner and who appear well taken care of
      • Michaela is caught on video; fortunately, Jared helps set things right
  • 101: Other People
    • Radd attempts to speak to him at airport
      • Ben ignores him because initially he does not want himself or Michaela to get involved with the other passengers (e.g. making small talk with the pilot). Exception: Saanvi (due to her connection with Cal’s treatment).
  • 102: Music
    • Violin is playing in Ben’s head while at the house
    • Violin is playing at Times Square (only this time it is Radd playing the violin)
    • Violin is playing in his head at self-storage place
      • Blake (jewel thief) is apprehended, Adio is freed from jail
Outline of Kelly's Callings

Kelly’s Callings:

  • 101: Vision
    • Plane in her head
      • brings Kelly back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation
  • 103: Voice
    • “Own Your Truth” (shared w/ Michaela)
      • Kelly first wants to live a more simple life (e.g. she did not want to wear expensive necklace her husband bought)
      • Christine apprehended for murdering Kelly (Did she kill Kelly?)
    • “Own Your Truth”
      • Kelly then carries her calling further by talking to media about a conspiracy (even though she hated politics)
      • Put on the government’s radar
    •  “Own Your Truth”
      • Kelly wants to get out of the “family business” which extorts illegals working at mall
      • Patrick Taylor is apprehended as a slumlord (Did he kill Kelly?)
Outline of Saanvi's Callings

Saanvi’s Callings:

  • 101: Vision
    • Plane in her head
      • brings Saanvi back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation
  • 104: Visions
    • A Gray Woman (shared in part w/ Michaela) with Wet Footprints walks pass Saanvi on 4th floor of  hospital toward elevator
      • Saanvi seeks help from Dr. Feldman who tells her about a homeless patient on the psych ward
    • A Gray Woman’s wet foot prints point  toward room 810
    • A Gray Woman’s wet foot prints point away from room 810
  • 104: Other People
    • Bethany connects Saanvi’s Gray Woman’s wet foot prints to Michaela’s Angel with Wings and leads them to Bethesda fountain.
      • Thomas is saved from Director Vance (and whatever experiments he may have performed on him).
      • Harboring a fugitive is a federal crime, and every move they make is being watched closely by the government and media.
Outline of Bethany's Callings

Bethany’s Callings:

  • 101: Vision
    • Plane in her head
      • brings Bethany back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation
  • 104: Other People
    • See Saanvi and Michaela’s episode 104 callings
      • Thomas is saved from Director Vance (and whatever experiments he may have performed on him).
Radd's Callings

Radd’s Callings:

  • 101: Vision
    • Plane in his head
      • brings Bethany back to airport to witness airplane explode (shared w/ passengers)
      • surveillance video puts passengers under greater scrutiny in government investigation

Related Scenes w/ references to “callings”

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All Things... (101.6)
101.6 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela has no apartment to return to, nor any belongings. Therefore, her brother Ben and sister-in-law Grace et up a room in their basement. Grace tries to console Michaela, but she is more concerned with calling her fiance Jared. Grace calls what happened "a second chance."
Slower! Slower! (101.11)
101.11 SYNOPSIS:  While taking the bus home Michaela hears a voice inside her head yelling "slower."  She yells at the bus driver to slow down, which he does in just enough time to be able to stop before a boy runs into the street.
Hearing Voices (101.12)
101.12 SYNOPSIS:  When Michaela tells Ben about the voice she heard, he tells her to keep quiet or she will be put in a psych ward and have the government do exploratory surgery on her brain.
Set them free! - I (101.15)
101.15 SYNOPSIS:  During a run, Michaela sees two barking dogs locked behind a gate, and hears a voice in her head to set them free. Later, hearing the voice again and unable to sleep, she goes back to facility. There she meets up with Ben who tells her that he has been hearing the same voice.  Together they free the dogs.
Saanvi Fights to Save Cal (101.18)
101.18 SYNOPSIS:  A medical team is reviewing trial applicants and come to a consensus that Cal falls outside the trial’s qualifications. This causes Saanvi to take up his cause to Dr. Cardoso that he be allowed treatment.
Set them Free! - II (101.19)
101.19 SYNOPSIS:  After the dogs are found, Michaela and Jared return to the metalworking facility, where she starts to hear the voice again. After searching the lot, she breaks open a door, and frees the two kidnapped girls.
Passengers are called (101.24)
101.24 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela is in a church and is approached by a priest. She is curious if she is chosen for some higher purpose when Ben arrives. Michaela questions why they were chosen. Later, some of the passengers return to the airport and witness the plane explode on the other side of the fence from them.
Stranger in the House I (102.2)
102.2 SYNOPSIS:  Ben brings home a blueberry scone for Grace who is embarrassed when Ben sees her half dressed. In the kitchen, Ben hears music playing. No one else does. Olive confronts her mom about telling Ben the truth.
Times Square Music (102.5)
102.5 SYNOPSIS:  While in Times Square, Ben again hears music. He runs into a fellow passenger, Radd, who asks Ben to help him find his son Adio who has been arrested for robbery and put in jail.
Ben Follows the Music (102.19)
102.19 SYNOPSIS:  Although Grace has bought new LEGO sets for Cal, he  wants his own stuff back. Olive takes Ben to a storage facility where she has kept Cal's toys and tells him she knew that one day he would come back. When Ben discovers scuba flippers Olive tells him about Grace’s secret. He then starts hearing the music again and finds Blake, the jeweler’s son, with a locker full of the stolen jewelry.
Magic vs. Technology (102.20)
102.20 SYNOPSIS:  While Michaela and Ben have a debate about magic and technology, Olive just wants to go home.
Own Your Truth (103.2)
103.2 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is worried about her family's safety while watching news coverage of Kelly's murder. Ben tells Olive to come straight home from school the next day. Michaela wants to find out what is going on.
The Crime Scene (103.6)
103.6 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela walk past a gathering of "believers" and see the police already have a suspect in custody before gaining entrance into the house.  A short while later, Director Vance comes in claiming jurisdiction and tells them to leave.
Kelly's Calling (103.8)
103.8 SYNOPSIS:  While Michaela is watching Kelly’s interview, Jared comes and tells her she is going to get into trouble. Michaela then meets Ben outside as they discuss the latest calling: "Own your truth."
Mr. Taylor's Mall (103.16)
103.16 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela make a visit to Kelly's mall and when one of the store employees sees her badge, she flees. They chase her in a backroom where she reveals that many of the store owners are illegal. They learn that Kelly was trying to own her truth and shut down the family business.
Gray Woman (104.2)
104.02 SYNOPSIS:  Things aren’t going to well for Saanvi as she starts to hallucinate watery footprints that lead to an ominous and almost statue-esque person.—>
Save Him! (104.10)
104.10 SYNOPSIS:   Michaela  learns that Jared convinced her partner to take the day off so that he could have time with her to make sure she’s alright. As they start arguing, she sees the stone woman appear in front of her chanting “Save him.” She believes it has to do with their undercover asset and decides to move in on the operation, but it botches the whole mission.—>
Hospital Lockdown (104.21)
104.21 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital, Saanvi and Bethany are searching for Thomas and when they find his room, they learn he tripped the hospital alarm. Director Vance arrives closely behind looking for Thomas when a nurse reveals that his mother had arrived to pick him up. Now he’s looking for two people. Saanvi and Bethany exit the hospital where they run into Michaela. .—>
Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)
104.22 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi and Michaela discuss their different visions of the gray woman . To Saanvi, she has wet footprints while to Michaela she had large wings. Bethany connects the two to the Angel of  Waters, a statue in Central Park, at Bethesda Fountain.
Blessing or a Curse? (104.25)
104.25 SYNOPSIS:  Ben is concerned about the callings, and says they cannot always be trusted.—>
What Do You Want? (104.26)
104.26 SYNOPSIS:  Olive confronts Grace who is still talking to Danny. Jared makes a map of all the locations that Michaela has done something out of the ordinary. Ben and Michaela arrive at the boiler room with supplies for Thomas as he is added to the NSA’s persons of interest list. The episode ends with Michaela standing in front of the Angel of the Waters statue asking “What do you want from me?—>
Ben Walks Away (105.3)
105.03 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions what helping Thomas would mean to their safety. He doesn’t want to risk losing more time and Bethany suggests she take Thomas to a remote cabin up north because this isn’t everyone else’s problem. While Ben is onboard, Michaela feels obligated to help, but as he storms out he’s stopped by the voice eerily saying It’s all connected. —>
Masters of Destiny (105.6)
105.06 SYNOPSIS: When Ben decides to spend the entire day with Cal, he hears the voice again. He then asks his son if he ever feels like someone is controlling his life. Cal says yes, but starts naming all of the adults around him. Citing chaos theory, they flip a coin to determine what they will do for the day.—>
Cal Leads Ben (105.14)
105.14 SYNOPSIS: On the subway, Ben continues to hear the voice as people take photos of them. Cal decides to jump off the train and be a master of his own destiny goading Ben to chase after him. He manages to slip away before saying the voice’s words: It’s all connected.—>
Blown Away (105.16)
105.16 SYNOPSIS: Ben continues to chase Cal through an abandoned subway platform, and through a grate in the wall that leads him to Thomas. Cal introduces himself and says Thomas’ name even though they’ve never met. Ben questions how Cal could have known.  —>
Cal's End Game (105.23)
105.23 SYNOPSIS: Ben questions how Cal could have known where this place was and starts to get a bit angry. Thomas diffuses the situation and lets Ben talk to him about his concerns. He asks why Bethany isn’t there and Thomas proclaims she never showed up. —>
Spider Web (105.27)
105.27 SYNOPSIS: Michaela finds Ben in his garage where he’s creating an information board about everything revolving around Flight 828 stating that they might have a voice in their head, but Cal has something different.—>
Michaela Comes Clean (106.16)
106.16 SYNOPSIS: After escaping the facility, Jared wants more information from Michaela and she comes clean about everything: the visions, the riddles, the government and the facility. Lucky for her, Jared believes her and says she isn’t alone. Michaela debates going back to the facility to investigate what is going on because other law enforcement isn’t to be trusted. —>
It's Not Over (106.24)
106.24 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance is told that all the passengers are accounted for, but he is suspicious. He heads upstate to the facility. Michaela, Ben and Saanvi discuss the events of the day and Ben decides the best course of action is to find Marko. Vance arrives to find the place has been cleared out except for a fresh bloodied bandage. The episode ends as Unified Dynamic Systems sets up their new base of operations with Marko and the other passengers as the lead scientist tells his superiors that they will be back up and running in no time.—>
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