Captain Future

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Captain Future is the nickname of Captain Bill Daly that Officer Harris an airport guard used to greet him.

Episode References

When Daly and Ben arrive at a Long Island airport they are greeted by Officer Harris who calls Daly “Captain Future” and asks him if he is “gonna fly through the Bermuda Triangle again.” Daily who has gone to that airport everyday for the past three weeks, responds “Gonna try.” Harris then says, “Be careful in there [the flight simulator]. Don’t go getting disappeared on us.” (111.5)


Captain Future is a science fiction hero Curt Newton, a brilliant scientist and athlete who helps the helpless with the assistance of Simon Wright, a scientific colleague of his father’s who is now a Brain in a Jar.1 The stories were originally published in a namesake pulp magazine from 1940 to 1951. Although the initial adventures take place on other planets of  the solar system, later stories (after the character invents the “vibration drive”) take the hero to other dimensions and into the past.

The nickname fits Captain Daly who was the pilot of Flight 828 which traveled through time 5 1/2 years into the future.

It  may also foreshadow what happens later in the episode. The “vibration drive” of Captain Future sound a lot like the “turbulence” that Captain Daly and the Flight 828 passengers experienced on April 7, 2013. Could this have taken them to not only 5 1/2 years into the future, but into a parallel universe? Daly might be on to something that will take him to the past.

Watching Captain Daly roar the engines of an airplane toward a lightning storm and streaking through the air at 300 knots, only to be shot at by the National Air Guard would not only crash the plane, but Manifest’s ratings, too. There has to be more to the story. Think Back to the Future (which in Manifest’s mythology might rendered as some kind of Forward to the Past).

Captain Bill Daly’s plane taking Fiona through the air and disappearing in a flash of light without any trace of wreckage is comparable to Marty McFly racing Doc’s DeLorean on the JC Penny parking lot and vanishing. I am convinced Daly has ripped through the fabric of time. The show has invested too much in building up this motif for it not to happen.

If that is the case, then there might just be a big do-over or reset for Fiona and Daly. Their 2.0 counterparts would have different experiences and personalities similar to Paul Santino being a man who doesn’t remember even being married, much less being abusive toward his wife (110.16). Of course, all of this is pure conjecture. We will have to keep watching to get a clearer picture of what’s on the horizon.


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Captain Future (Wikipedia)
Captain Future
PublisherThrilling Publications
First appearanceCaptain Future (Winter 1940)
Created byMort Weisinger
In story information
Real nameCurtis Newton
Supporting characters
  • Simon Wright
  • Grag
  • Otho
  • Prof. Simon Wright
  • Joan Randall
  • Marshall Ezra Gurney
  • Ul Quorn
Captain Future
PublisherThrilling Publications
GenreScience fiction
Publication dateWinter 1940 – Spring 1944
Number of issues17
Creative team
  • Mort Weisinger (1940-1941)
  • Oscar J. Friend (1941-1944)
Captain Future (キャプテン・フューチャー, Kyaputen Fyūchā)Toei Animation
Portrayed by: Taichirou Hirokawa

Captain Future is a science fiction hero – a space-traveling scientist and adventurer – originally published in a namesake pulp magazine from 1940 to 1951. The character was created by editor Mort Weisinger and principally authored by Edmond Hamilton. There have subsequently been a number of adaptations and derivative works. Most significant was a 1978-79 Japanese anime (キャプテン・フューチャー), which was dubbed into several languages and proved very popular, particularly in Spanish, French, German and Arabic.

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