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Grace’s boyfriend whom she met after finally moving on from Ben being gone for five years.

played by Daniel Sunjata (IMDb)

Episode References

When the world learns of the return of Flight 828 five and one-half years after it went missing, Danny must leave. When Grace does not tell Ben about Danny right away. Danny grows impatient texting her that he misses her (101.23).

Cal draws a family photo, but in the background behind Grace and Ben is a shadowy figure (someone Cal had tried to erase). At first some viewers concluded that this was Danny. But when the shadow took a prominent role to Kelly Taylor’s murder, the evidence pointed to a government conspiracy, not Danny, who at that time, was being depicted only as Grace’s lover and step father to Olive. However, as season one evolved, viewers began to become more and more suspicious of Danny, even thinking that he might be part of the conspiracy and targeted the Stone family because of Cal’s special powers.

In Episode 104, the only person who is suspicious of Danny is Ben  (not for the reasons cited above, but for being the other man). He doesn’t know his name, nor even what he looks like until after he finds a box of photos tucked away in the garage. Later, he learns about Danny from Olive, not Grace, who eventually tells him what he already suspected.

Ben and Danny finally meet for the first time at Mercuryblue cosmetic store when the both arrive to pick Olive up who was caught  shoplifting (104.17).

It’s not until episode 105 that viewers are given some of the backstory on Danny. Danny first met Grace at a Grief & Loss support group 1 1/2 years after Flight 828 went missing, but they don’t begin seeing one another for another six months. Initially, young Olive is suspicious of him, and is furious when Grace invites him over for dinner. After dinner, Olive tells him that “Cal is not dead. He is just lost. And some day… I am going to find him” (105.13).  There is no indication yet, however,  that  this is also what Danny is hoping to do, and the very reason why he is dating Grace in the first place.

Eventually, Olive begins to accept Danny as her step-father. Danny takes Olive rock climbing to help her get over the grief of losing her father. Danny moves in with Grace and Olive.

In episode 105, Olive tells Grace that although she loves her dad, Ben, and is glad he’s back, that Danny is her dad, too (105.26).

Danny goes rock climbing with Olive (107.8). Olive tell Danny she likes spending time with him (107.20). Danny tells Ben, “I’m not gonna get in your way, Ben. Olive’s not my kid. But I stepped in when you were gone, and I care about her. When she comes to me, I can’t turn her away (107.23).

After Grace and Ben separate, Olive goes looking for Danny and tells him that seeing her mom these days is messing her up more than after the plane disappeared. She asks him to come over for dinner that night to help straighten Grace out (110.12). When Ben show up, he and Danny have a controntation (110.23).

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