end game

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In chess, chess the endgame is the stage of a chess game after major reduction of forces.

In daily life, one’s endgame is the hidden agenda or desired consequences of a series of events. It’s related to the idea of  having to complete lots of tasks in order to achieve a larger result.

Episode Reference

In episode 115.23, Thomas who had loaned Cal his chess set, says to him, “Keep practicing your end game, little man.”

Behind the Scenes

For the writers of Manifest, the end game is to get the viewers deeply involved in the characters as they connect and build relationships with specific people that otherwise they would have nothing to do with,  to develop a story that’s going somewhere. Hopefully, that continues for six seasons. At least, that is how long creator Jeff Rake has mapped. He has an endgame in view, and promises a great ending to the series.


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