Fiona Clarke

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Fiona Clarke is an eminent scholar and professor who was a passenger on Flight 828; one of the 828ers.

As the stories of each of the 191 passengers  continues to unfold, few passengers have received more focus than Professor Fiona Clarke. A longstanding figure in the realm of neural psychology, Clarke found herself on the outside in recent years as her theories have transitioned from the physical to the metaphysical.

“I truly believe collective consciousness is within our grasp. But we are far more focused on advancing the technological world as opposed to our biological world.”

Clarke’s message of mankind’s unity across the world attracted a fervent fan base. And now, with her miraculous return on 828, she is sure to gain more.

“People are tired of feeling isolated, of feeling alone,” Clarke said. “They’re ready to feel like a part of a whole. To feel connected to those around them.”

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In a flashback, a television news report (Ep 105.25) announces that Flight 828 has landed 5 1/2 years after it went missing. It says, “Among these recipients of a miraculous second chance is eminent scholar and professor Dr. Fiona Clarke.”  She also appears on television in Ep. 106.

She appears extensively in Ep. 107. More to come soon…

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