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Flight 8281 (of Montego Air between Jamaica’s Montego Bay Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport) disappeared April 4, 2013 and then reappeared 5 1/2 years later. 191 passengers were on board.  It was the next scheduled flight after Montego Air’s  Flight 537.2

Flight 828 Passengers & Crews (828ers)

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Flight 828 Timeline / Episode References

Before April 7, 2013

In General
  • Montego Air Flight 828 flew on a regular basis north from Jamaica to John F. Kennedy Airport without any incidents.
Possibly Significant
  • When Olive was ten years old she watches her model airplane get destroyed when a bike runs over it. When she says, “It is ruined,” Ben places it in the water at Bethesda Fountain, it floats, making everything better for Olive (104.18).
  • Later, while on the flight, Ben says to Michaela, “You’ve been drowning in stress” (101.1) .
April 7, 2013

Before Departure
  • Ben, Cal and Michaela received $400 vouchers (101.1) to take this flight after their originally scheduled on, Flight 537 (the flight Karen, Steve, Grace and Olive took home), was overbooked (101.1).
  • Flight 828 sits on the Tarmac in Jamaica waiting to take off.
    • Kelly Taylor, who is upset about being bumped to another flight says, “Thank God it’s a short flight. I’m never flying Montego again. I’d rather die” (101.1).
    • Ben says to Michaela, “You’ve been drowning in stress” .
    • Michaela says to Ben, “if you and Grace can handle this [marriage problems], you can handle anything” (101.1).
During the Flight
  • Passengers experience turbulence (101.2) when the plane enters a storm which came out of nowhere and which was not on any of the charts (111.1).
  • There was no time for the pilot, Captain Bill Daly, to get over it and fly above the storm, so he went through maintaining a level altitude., and accelerating the speed of the plane to 300 knots.  As he did this, a bright light filled the cock pit (111.1).
  • Flight 828 disappears from radar (105.1).
  • Flight 828 crew and passengers lose consciousness [speculative cf. November 4, 2018 below] and are transported 5 1/2 years into the future.
  • Flight 828 disappears from radar (105.1)
At John F. Kennedy Airport in New York
  • Members of the Stone family who took Flight 537 home are notified of Flight 828’s disappearance. When they arrive at the airport, they are greeted with more questions than answers (105.2).
The 5 1/2 Missing Years

In General
  • After extensive searching for the plane, all crew and passengers are declared dead, and life Insurance companies pay families death benefits (104.8),
  • Roger Mencin, a meteorologist, who was on the ground measuring coastal erosion, tells investigators that his instruments picked up dark lightning, a high energy atmospheric discharge which releases lots of ionizing radiation. But when the Department of Defense found out he was going to testify, they threatened him, and suggested he take early retirement. The DOD made him delete all his files. Unkown to them, however, he kept a set of files for his own records (111.8).
Surviving Family Members
  • Ben’s wife, Grace, waits until April 2015 before entering into another relationship (105.9).
  • Cal’s twin sister, Olive, refuses to believe he is dead, and that one day he will return (102.19).
  • Michaela’s fiance, Jared, waits two years before kissing and marrying her best friend, Lourdes  (105.25).
  • Michaela’s mother, Karen, gets an illness and dies (101.3).
November 4, 2018

During the Flight
  • The passengers of Flight 828 experience turbulence [cf. April 7, 2018 above] having been transported 5 1/2 years into the future (101.2).
    • Saanvi discovers that her laptop screen had cracked, and also suspects that its hard drive with “six-weeks worth of research data” may have been damaged (101.2).
    • Harvey asks Bethany for another drink (101.2).
  • Pilot Bill Daly is informed by Air Traffic Control that the plane is being diverted to Newburgh (101.2).
  • Bethany learns from the pilot about the plan’s diverted route before hiding a bag in one of the cabin’s cabinets (104.1).
  • Bethany gives Thomas, her stowaway, a phone and some money then instructs him on how to escape (104.12).
  • Cal exits the bathroom and is touched on the head by Marko Valeriev, a passenger who only speaks Bulgarian, requesting help in filling out his customs and immigration forms. Although Saanvi is unable to help him, Anna Ross, a woman seated behind her, does (106.1).
  • The plane lands at 11:49 local time (101.2).
After Landing
  • While still on the plane, Ben and Michaela both discover that they have no phone service (101.2). Michaela had just received a message from Jared and had tried to text him back that she had decided to marry him, but couldn’t reach him (102.22).
  • After leaving the plane, Robert Vance informs the passengers that they have been missing for 5 1/2 years.
Days/Weeks after the Landing

First Three Days
  • Passengers are held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers for three days (101.3).
  • The world watches breaking news of Flight 828’s return and families are permitted to see their loved ones who have miraculously returned (105.25).
  • Passengers leave Newburgh to
    • return home with their families (101.6)
    • connect with flights out of John F. Kennedy airport
    • government shelters
      • FEMA in Long Island.
      • DHS facility in Lower Manhattan.
      • King’s Point.
      • Fort Lee, New Jersey.
    • private secure undisclosed location (for experimentation).
  • The authorities tear apart the plane for clues as to what happened, but not a single clue is found (101.7).
  • Passengers receive “callings” to come back to airport to witness plane exploding. 20 are able to do so, and are caught on video surveillance (101.24).
First Couple of Weeks
  • A multitude of government agencies, including NASA, Homeland Security, and the NSA, descend upon New York and the neighborhoods of passengers (101.6).
  • The NSA finds and detains the passengers again, asking them about why they were there at the fence. They are eventually released (102.1)
  • A group of government officials discuss what happened to the plane. Are these people the same people? Are they aliens? Vance decides that the 20 people who watched the plane explode are their best bet at answers (102.12).


Flight numbers starting with 8 are often used for charter flights, but it can also simply depend on a commercial carrier’s choice. Whether or not an outside company (e.g. Unified Dynamic Systems???) was somehow involved in chartering the aircraft remains to be seen. Charter Brokers typically work on behalf of (agent of) the flyer to source licensed charter operators to fill a particular trip.

Dark Lightning

Ben and Bill Daly learn more about may have caused the plane’s disappearance after talking to a meteorologist, Roger Mencin, who was on the ground (water) near the spot where the plane encountered the turbulence. Mencin not only tells Daly about dark lightning, but gives him the data (111.8) he needs to put into the flight simulator to again experience first hand the storm that turned his and every other passenger’s life upside down. Here the fictional lives of the characters are being interwoven with scientific theories which make sense, whether they prove credible or not. But the data was too much for the simulator to handle, the program crashed the plane six times (111.10). It made no difference what Daly did behind the controls.

Photos of the Plane

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Episode 103 – The plane in Jamaica.

Episode 101 – The plane shortly after taking off. Why is it flying east?

Episode 106 – The plane as it prepares to land in New York.

Episode 101 – The plane the day after it exploded

⬛ Air to Approach Communication
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Real-Life Connections

Malaysia Airlines Flight 3703 disappeared without a trace in 2014. In fact, it was the world’s fascination with that flight that helped Manifest make it to screen. “I pitched [Manifest] around [a decade ago], nobody wanted it,” series creator Jeff Rake told SYFY. “Then, seven years later, [Malaysia] Airlines happened and suddenly my crazy idea felt a little more real, a little more relatable, in the context of [Malaysia Airlines], suddenly people were interested.”

Flight numbers are often taken out of use after a crash or a serious incident. For example,

  • Alaska Airlines Flight 261 changed its flight number to 229 for subsequent flights following a crash.
  • American Airlines Flight 77, which regularly flew from Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, to Los Angeles International Airport, was changed to Flight 149 after the September 11 attacks.

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  1. In the convention of airline flights all eastbound and northbound flights are assigned even numbers, while westbound and southbound flights have odd numbers.
  2. This convention (of using higher numbers to denote later flights) is commonly used by airlines who have multiple flights per day to the same destination.
  3. No Plane. No Remains. And Now, No Real Answers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (New York Times)

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