Harvey Stein

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Harvey Stein was a passenger on Flight 828 who ended up jumping to his death despite Michaela’s efforts to save him.

Episode References

When Harvey was 12 years old, he and Josh Klein used to smoke weed in the parking lot before Hebrew School. (108.12)

After Flight 828 landed, Harvey became a local celebrity at O’Ryan’s Tavern and received a lot of free drinks. Harvey told anyone who would listen that he knew the plane was going to explode. Susan Creighton and Rick Moore were among those he told. (108.19) They died shortly thereafter. Harvey did not take their deaths well, and believed he was some kind of “Angel of Death.”  He even spray painted those words on his bedroom wall. (108.15)


Harvey had no family or connections. Therefore, why wasn’t he taken with the others who are being experimented on? Why would Harvey decide he was the Angel of Death after only two people at the tavern died? It would take more than two to notice a pattern? Obviously, there is something else going on here.

Michaela walks a little closer to Harvey and tries to connect with why he would want to end his life. But she gets it all wrong, and fails to connect emotionally with Harvey, who in turn, jumps. (108.12)

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