Helen Doyle

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Helen Doyle was married to Paul Santino, one of the passengers of Flight 828, and did not show up at the airport when the plane returned. She lost both her parents when she was a teenager.

Played by actress Frances Eve (IMDb.com)

Episode References

In episode 110, Michaela receives a calling, “Find her!” and believes it to be related to Helen (110.7, 110.16) , when actually it has to do with the Major (110.30).

Michaela and Jared show up at Helen’s house and find it abandoned (110.15).

Jared and Michaela find Helen at a hotel in room 28 (110.17). She tells them that her husband Paul was abusive and that he would tell her that she needed to be a better wife. No matter what she did, she was not good enough. She felt her prayers were answered when the plane went missing But then when the plane came back, she felt as though a wrecking ball was smashing into everything she had built during the 5 1/2 years Paul was presumed dead.

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The “wrecking ball” metaphor

The “wrecking ball” metaphor for the passengers’ re-entry into their former lives created a nice bit of thematic cohesion across all elements of the story in “Crosswinds.”

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (denofgeek.com)

A really well-done twist!

The story of Paul Santino gives us a possibility we might not have even thought of: what if someone who lost a family member to the disappearance of Flight 828 didn’t want them back? The mystery of Helen not showing up at the hangar to retrieve her husband (110.7) was deepened by the abandoned milk carton that expired days after the plane returned (110.15), making us initially think she must be a victim of the government conspiracy. But paradoxically, the more mundane answer was much more interesting and unexpected. She feared death at the hands of a husband who doesn’t even remember being abusive, and guess what? Memory loss and a supernatural event don’t assuage him of that guilt despite what questions may initially arise in the viewer’s mind. A really well-done twist!

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (denofgeek.com)

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