James Griffin

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James Griffin is a returnee who was pulled out of the East River alive after the armored vehicle he had stolen was submerged for four days.

Played by Marc Menchaca

Episode References


  • Ben and Grace listen to a radio news report: “An hours-long high-speed chase throughout the boroughs ended in tragedy early this morning. The driver, the primary suspect in a brazen double homicide and theft of an armored car, plunged the stolen vehicle into the East River.” (112.6)


  • Jared is given an update on the armored car homicide (113.15).


  • When the vehicles is fished out of the water after being submerged for four days, James is found alive lunging toward Michaela while making a wolf-like growl (114.22).
  • Cal had made a drawing of Michaela being attacked by a wolf (114.22)
  • James stole $75 million (114.8).
  • At first, divers couldn’t go into the water because of the electrical storm. Then they couldn’t even find the vehicle (114.8).


  • While Ben, Michaela, Zeke and Saanvi try to learn more about Griffin’s calling, they must come to terms that he has a criminal record, that he is a non-passenger returnee, and whether or not he is the wolf in Cal’s drawing (115.3).
  • As Michaela leaves the interrogation room, she hears a growling sound of a wolf (115.16).
  • Michaela uncovers that James Griffin has been in foster care since he was a child and questions him about his family dynamics (115.8).
  • Michaela connects the shame she experienced following the death of Evie (who she says was practically her sister) with how Griffin must be feel responsible for sending his friend (foster brother) to prison saying he was the shooter even though Griffin was. “We are all connected. You are not the only one. We have all been given a second chance. This is yours.” (115.12)
  • Grace speaks with Griffin’s foster mother in front of a church. Grace tells her that Griffin is a threat to her family. Grace needs to know what she is dealing with. Angela tells Grace that Griffin had one friend in the world and he lost him. Devon had treated him like his little brother. Devon had even saved Griffin’s life on a canoe trip (115.14).
  • Griffin has the same blood marker as the 828ers and Zeke (115.15).
  • Ben is frustrated that Griffin literally used a calling to get away with murder (115.18).
  • When Michaela tells Griffin that now she knows what its like to have the callings exploited, he tells her that her thinking is far too narrow, that the callings are capable of much more. He is going to take them to a whole new level. He then reveals to authorities where the bomb is hidden (115.20).


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James joins Zeke as a returnee who was not on Flight 828. Whereas Zeke had time jumped one year, James’ time jump was only four days.

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