Laurence Belson

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Laurence Belson was the Singular Project’s point man for the experiments that were taking place on the eleven missing passengers at the dairy farm with the red door, and then at Red Hook warehouse.

Episode References

Laurence regularly communicated with a source in the NSA who told him what Deputy Director Robert Vance was doing (108.3).

He met with Dr. Fiona Clarke wanting to know more about her research on mirror neurons. During her visit Fiona planted a surveillance device (108.17) in which Ben and Vance discovered that Laurence was taking orders from the Major (108.17).

Laurence oversees and watches as SP scientists use electric currents in experiments on the missing passengers (109.7).  At one point, he is told to proceed by an unidentified “Major” who tells him to double the charge (109.9).

Laurence gives Autumn Cox a phone and tells her to go spy on Ben (109.23).

When Vance and the TAC unit enter the tunnels under Red Hook, Laurence and his team of scientists are forced to neutralize the lab.

He was apprehended by Vance and his TAC unit (109.15), but the get lost on the way out of the tunnels. After an explosion, which killed Vance, Laurence is also presumed to be dead (109.17).

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