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Manifest is a TV series which premiered on NBC in the fall of 2018. When a plane that disappeared five years ago returns, those onboard must piece together their old lives while dealing with mysterious voices in their heads.

A manifest is a document listing the cargo, passengers, and crew of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle, for the use of customs and other officials. Where such a list is limited to identifying passengers, it is a passenger manifest or passenger list; conversely, a list limited to identifying cargo is a cargo manifest or cargo list. The manifest may be used by people having an interest in the transport to ensure that passengers and cargo listed as having been placed on board the transport at the beginning of its passage continue to be on board when it arrives at its destination.1


Manifest can also refer to appearing or being present in a place or time as in a ghostly manifestation, or in a manifestation of God (a concept in the the Bahá’í Faith that refers to what are commonly called prophets.

The phrase Manifest Destiny was coined in 1845 by magazine editor John O’Sullivan to explain a young America’s right to expansion. It was believed God bestowed on America the ability to spread across the countryside. Although the passengers won’t be taking over the world in a genocidal fashion, they appear to have a specific purpose.2

The Mystery Behind Manifest

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