Marko Valeriev

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Marko Valeriev is a Bulgarian foreign national who was a passenger on Flight 828 (cf. 828ers).

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During/After Flight 828

  • Just before Flight 828 landed, Marko is walking down the aisle asking for help filling out his customs and immigration forms. He passes Cal and taps him on the head. (Ep 106.1)
  • Marko was taken to a hangar along with the other 828ers. Since he didn’t have a place to go, he was loaded onto a shuttle, and was suppose to go to one of the government shelters. But the bus he was one took him and ten other passengers to an undisclosed location out of public view (cf. Ep 106.6). These are the passengers that Ben has not yet been able to track down. On the bus were other foreign national, plus a couple who had no family. These were people that no one would miss.

Two Weeks Since

  • Marko yells out Pobŭrzaĭte! at an undisclosed location at the same time Cal calls out Pobŭrzaĭte! (Ep 106.10)
  • Marko’s body convulses as when a clinician at the same undisclosed location turns a knob on a machine. (Ep 106.13)
  • Marko is barely conscious as a clinician places a small round bandage on his arm covering a needle mark. By this time we have learned that the location is a red barn about 50 miles southeast of New York. The clinician is then told to place him with other passengers at the facility. Everyone and everything is about to be moved to a different location. (Ep 106.13)
  • Marko and ten other missing passengers have been moved to a different location. The equipment he had been attached to is being set back up, and we are told that it will be running in no time. (Ep 106.24)

Ben and Michaela believe at first that Marco and the other passengers missing were taken by NSA government officials. But later in episode 106 that a company called Unified Dynamic Systems is involved. Director Vance and Deputy Powell are just as much in the dark as Ben and Michaela.


Cal seems to have some kind of mental connection with Marko. This connection unpretentiously begins with a tap on the head while the two cross paths on the airplane. What happens in episode 106 to Cal is somehow connected with what is happening to Marko (i.e. fever, convulsions, Cal cryring out ‘Pomogni Mi!’ in 106.4, etc.) Interesting in 106.24 Marko says to a clinician, “I was in the hospital. I said, “Mama, please hurry.” They were worried.”

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