Montego Air

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Montego Air is the fictional airline which the Stone family traveled from Jamaica to New York.  When their original flight was overbooked, Michaela, Ben and Cal accepted $400 vouchers for a later flight.

“According to Travelocity, Jamaica’s Montego Bay does have its own real-life airport called the Sangster International Airport, which offers nonstop flights to New York just like the one taken in Manifest,” states Martha Sorren, an Associate TV Editor at Bustle. “But none of the planes are operated by companies with names even close to Montego Air. Per Caribbean National Weekly, there was once an airline called Air Jamaica, but it was acquired by Caribbean Airlines in 2011 and ceased operations in 2015. Today, as Travelocity shows, a majority of Montego Bay to New York flights are operated by well-known airlines like JetBlue, United, and Delta — although Caribbean Airlines runs some, too.”  -Source:

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