Officer Harris

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Office Harris is a guard at an airport entry gate on Long Island.

Played by H. Foley

Episode References

Officer Harris greets Captain Daly as “Captain Future” (111.5).

Officer Harris would not let Ben and Michaela through without proper authorization (111.17). After Michaela tells him that they suspect that Daly is about to steal an airplane, and Ben points out that his car is at a different hanger from the flight simulator, Harris gets on the radio and says, “We got a problem.” (111.17)

When Ben tells Harris that Daly think he can fly through time, Harris says, “Wait. Can he?” (111.19)

Harris gives Ben his radio so he can communicate with Daly in the airplane (111.19)

Harris seems to be rooting for Daly when he says, “Come on. Get there,” although he may be reffering to the Air National Guard jets which were dispatched to shoot down Daly’s plane (111.19).

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