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Cleanup (102.1)
102.1 SYNOPSIS:  While firefighters are hosing down the plane, the NSA detains the passengers and asks why they were there at the fence. When Michaela says that they have no legal basis to detain them any longer, she gets everyone released, and they are told not to talk to the media.
The Stowaway (104.12)
104.12 SYNOPSIS:  In a time jump back to 2013, it’s revealed that Thomas posed as a flight attendant, but with diversion he needed to hide or he would be arrested. Bethany gives him a phone and some money then instructs him on how to escape. .—>
In an NSA office (105.4)
105.04 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance goes over what information they have regarding their “John Doe” as finding him is a matter of national security. They discover Bethany may have ties to him and decide finding her is their top priority.—>
Investigative Minds (106.2)
106.2 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance watches a group of scientists debate what happened to Flight 828 with no real consensus between them. They decide to keep their new asset Jared a secret from the other agencies.—>
Ben's DHS Walk-In (106.18)
106.18 SYNOPSIS: Ben decides to confront Director Vance about the missing passengers and everything he knows, but Vance continues to deny it. Ben doesn’t care either way because he will go to the press with what he knows. Vance decides to follow up on this lead, because it’s all they have got.—>
It's Not Over (106.24)
106.24 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance is told that all the passengers are accounted for, but he is suspicious. He heads upstate to the facility. Michaela, Ben and Saanvi discuss the events of the day and Ben decides the best course of action is to find Marko. Vance arrives to find the place has been cleared out except for a fresh bloodied bandage. The episode ends as Unified Dynamic Systems sets up their new base of operations with Marko and the other passengers as the lead scientist tells his superiors that they will be back up and running in no time.—>
NSA Watch (107.9)
A short transition scene to remind the viewer that NSA is watching every move that Ben makes, and that although Powell thinks Ben is paranoid, Vance believes he might be on to something.
Data Dump (107.21)
After Ben dumps coffee on the I.T. guy to gain access to the data dump on the company's server, he gets dumped on when Vance shows up wanting him to hand over the thumb-drive.
Vance's Memorial (110.6)
While Ben is at Vance's memorial, Deputy Powell tells him to leave that he was the reason Vance got killed.  As Ben leaves, Aaron Glover, a journalist, catches up with him and tells him that the Major was at Red Hook an hour before the explosion.
One Minute (110.18)
Ben tries to connect with Powell at a restaurant, but fails. Powell does not want to have anything to do with Ben.
The Major is Coming (110.25)
Powell calls Ben and tells him that he now wants to help him because that is what Vance would want. He tells Ben that the Major has left Washington D.C. in a helicopter and is coming to New York City.
The Taken (110.29)
Powell is taken by the Major. Then Autumn is taken. In between, The song "Easier" plays in the background of a montage where Jared is looking over Lourdes, and Grace looking over Olive and Cal.

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