Red Hook

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Red Hook is a chemical warehouse in Brooklyn by the water which was built before the civil war where the Singularity Project’s Laurence Belson relocated the missing passengers after the location of the Red Door dairy farm was compromised.

Episode References


Ben goes inside the U.D.S. building in search of information, where one of the files he finds a property listing for a building built in 1949 associated with the Red Hook warehouse (108.25). Vance determines that on that site is where the missing passengers must have been moved (108.26). At the beginning of the next episode, Vance states that the they are being held in a storage warehouse built before the Civil War (109.2).

Laurence is told to proceed by an unidentified “Major” who tells him to double the charge. This time, not only does Cal experience pain, so does Ben, Michaela, Autumn and Saanvi. Vance watches and says, “What the hell?” Meanwhile, Cal is drawing a picture of Red Hook as blood drips from his nose (109.9)

Vance with Armed men enter the Red Hook facility, but they find nothing. Cal then shows up at Red Hook and shows Ben his drawing, telling them exactly where to look (109.13).

Vance and his team search the tunnels under Red Hook and when they meet someone, the shooting starts. Laurence and his team of scientists are forced to neutralize the lab. Dr. Fiona hits the wall really hard after sparks fly from some equipment. Ben and the others start freeing the passengers. Dr. Fiona gets back up, all the while shooting continues. Vance catches up with Laurence (109.15).

While Jared and Vance are lost in the tunnels, Ben and Fiona makes his way out. Fiona leaves in a van with the passengers. After Ben checks on Cal, and then is talking to Michaela, a large explosion sends everyone to the ground. Michaela goes into tunnel to look for Jared, as Ben takes Cal home. Michaela finds Jared unconscious (109.17).

Ben learns that an hour before the explosion, the Major flew into Red Hook (110.18).

Ben receives a package after Captain Bill Daly flew into the dark lightning from an address near (or from) the Red Hook warehouse in Brooklyn (111.21).

Meaning and Significance

A warehouse can symbolize anything that the psyche puts into storage (i.e. repress or suppress). Memories, past experiences, as well as, any aspect of one self that a person does not want to face. If a warehouse is abandoned it signifies that one’s inner resources have been depleted. This is certainly the experience of the missing passengers. They are in a position where they feel like they have no control, and some of them may have even lost hope.

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