Rick Moore

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Rick Moore was a regular at O’Ryan’s Tavern. After Harvey Stein told him about the “callings” and how he knew the airplane was going to explode, he died.

Episode References

Michaela and Jared find his obituary in Harvey’s apartment (108.15).

Michaela believes that the reason he died was because Harvey told him about the callings. Jared discovers that Rick Moore was training for a marathon, and was out on a five-mile run, when he dropped dead due to a massive arterial blockage. (108.19).


There seems to be a discrepancy in the show as to the manner of his death. Jared says he had a heart attack in November 2018, but according to his obituary, Rick (Mr. Boyles???)  died on died on January 24, 1985. How can that be? Is this an oversight on the writer’s part? Did they get lazy and use an obituaries of a real person as a prop? Or is there something else going on?

Rick Moore's obituary (as shown on-screen)

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