Saanvi Bahl

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Played by Parveen Kaur

Episode 1 – Pilot

Saanvi is a brilliant graduate student and medical researcher whose life changes dramatically when she disembarks Flight 828 to learn that her work has led to some startling medical breakthroughs.

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The Flight to New York (101.2)
101.2 SYNOPSIS:  On Montego Air Flight 828, Michaela is undecided on whether or not to marry Jared. The plane encounters extreme weather and experiences turbulence. Later, when the pilot identifies the plane, air traffic control is confused and diverts it to a different airport.
What Happened? (101.4)
101.4 SYNOPSIS:  The passengers and crew are interviewed by the authorities who are trying to figure out what happened.
Clinic Surprise (101.13)
101.13 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi is given a surprise reception at the place where she did medical research. Her boss tells her that the work she did on experimental Leukemia treatment was a success, and has  helped save hundreds of pediatric cancer patients.
Saanvi Fights to Save Cal (101.18)
101.18 SYNOPSIS:  A medical team is reviewing trial applicants and come to a consensus that Cal falls outside the trial’s qualifications. This causes Saanvi to take up his cause to Dr. Cardoso that he be allowed treatment.
Passengers are called (101.24)
101.24 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela is in a church and is approached by a priest. She is curious if she is chosen for some higher purpose when Ben arrives. Michaela questions why they were chosen. Later, some of the passengers return to the airport and witness the plane explode on the other side of the fence from them.

Episode 2 – Reentry

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Clinic Check-in (102.4)
102.4 SYNOPSIS:  Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi, who is treating Cal, and whom he met earlier at the airport.  Grace wants to tell Ben something, but cannot bring herself to tell him.
Cal's Family Portrait (102.15)
102.15 SYNOPSIS:  Kelly Taylor, a passenger, talks to the media on the TV, while Ben and Saanvi share there experiences since returning. Ben notices that Cal has drawn a family portrait with a mysterious shadow figure in the background. In the parking garage of the news station, a shadowy figure watches Kelly get into her car.

Episode 3 – Turbulence

Saanvi discovers something in Cal’s blood, and develops a theory of what may have happened.

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Cal's Blood Test (103.4)
103.04 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi tells Ben that Cal’s blood contains a protein marker that wasn’t produced by the cancer nor was it there before the flight. She’s going to continue to conduct more tests.
Paranoia Sets In (103.13)
103.13 SYNOPSIS:  At the house, Ben is paranoid that the government has planted bugs. He calls Saanvi who says she has the same marker as Cal meaning suspecting taht the flight did something to all passengers. Ben finds a sealed condom packet under his bed.
Ischemic Stroke (103.20)
103.20 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi is shown doing research where she learns that the markers in the passengers' blood are a sign of an Ischemic Stroke.
Where is Kelly's Body? (103.27)
103.27 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi says that there is no record of a Kelly Taylor being brought to any morgue in the city. The final shot of the episode has the government taking Kelly's body to do  their own autopsy.

Episode 4 – Unclaimed Baggage

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Gray Woman (104.2)
104.02 SYNOPSIS:  Things aren’t going to well for Saanvi as she starts to hallucinate watery footprints that lead to an ominous and almost statue-esque person.—>
Homeless Patient (104.5)
104.05 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital, Saanvi gets another doctor to consult her on her own brain scan who reveals that its similar to a homeless man that was recently admitted and diagnosed with schizophrenia. As she leaves the office, she follows more watery footprints that arrive at the door of the schizophrenic patient Thomas who bursts out of the room asking for them to find the flight attendant Bethany. Hospital personnel are able to sedate him, but Saanvi is visibly shaken by this. —>
Making Connections (104.6)
104.06 SYNOPSIS: Saanvi calls Ben in to discuss what she saw while revealing that this new patient was asking for Bethany. Ben thinks she may have information concerning what happened to the flight and they bond over feeling less crazy around one another. —>
They Came Back (104.11)
104.11 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi arrives at Bethany’s house asking for information regarding the mysterious patient. At the same time, the NSA is learning that this man was a stowaway onboard the flight. .—>
Homophobia in Jamaica (104.13)
104.13 SYNOPSIS:  Bethany explains to Saanvi that Thomas is her cousin Leo’s boyfriend and that they needed to flee Jamaica due to the country's extreme homophobia..—>—>
Unclaimed Patient (104.16)
104.16 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi discovers that Thomas is going to be moved to a state run facility in a few hours. If she and Bethany are going to save him, they must act quickly.—>
Hospital Lockdown (104.21)
104.21 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital, Saanvi and Bethany are searching for Thomas and when they find his room, they learn he tripped the hospital alarm. Director Vance arrives closely behind looking for Thomas when a nurse reveals that his mother had arrived to pick him up. Now he’s looking for two people. Saanvi and Bethany exit the hospital where they run into Michaela. .—>
Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)
104.22 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi and Michaela discuss their different visions of the gray woman . To Saanvi, she has wet footprints while to Michaela she had large wings. Bethany connects the two to the Angel of  Waters, a statue in Central Park, at Bethesda Fountain.
Bethesda Fountain (104.24)
104.24 SYNOPSIS:  Bethany, Saanvi and Michaela arrive at the Bethesda Fountain and find Leo who can’t believe that they lost five years and wants to wait for Leo. Bethany explains that everything is true and that a lot has changed, but Leo needs to flee before the government finds them. They take Leo to the boiler room of Kelly’s old mall for safety. .—>
What Do You Want? (104.26)
104.26 SYNOPSIS:  Olive confronts Grace who is still talking to Danny. Jared makes a map of all the locations that Michaela has done something out of the ordinary. Ben and Michaela arrive at the boiler room with supplies for Thomas as he is added to the NSA’s persons of interest list. The episode ends with Michaela standing in front of the Angel of the Waters statue asking “What do you want from me?—>

Episode 5 – Connected Flights

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Episode 6 – Off the Radar

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Pomogni Mi! (106.4)
106.4 SYNOPSIS: At the hospital, Grace pulls another doctor aside to question Saanvi’s experimental treatment of Cal, but the doctor reassures her that this is the best option. Ben opens up to Saanvi about when he first found out about Cal and she reassures him that the odds are much better now. They bond a bit when it’s interrupted by Cal randomly mumbling a phrase, the same phrase that Saanvi overheard the passenger saying on Flight 828. —>
Beautiful Mind (106.5)
106.5 SYNOPSIS: Ben, Michaela and Saanvi realize that what's happening to Cal must be another calling from the mysterious voice. They find out the man was a Bulgarian national with Saanvi realizing a woman helped him on the plane named Anna Ross.—>
Misplaced Bus (106.9)
106.9 SYNOPSIS: Michaela looks up the logs for passenger buses, but any record of the fifth bus has been removed adding to the mystery of where Marko is. Ben and Saanvi question why the bus went missing and suspect it was full of passengers that no one would miss.—>
Pobŭrzaĭte! (106.10)
106.10 SYNOPSIS: Cal's repeating a new word in Bulgarian: Hurry. And it looks like he’s connected to Marko, who’s connected to wires in some lab and chanting the same phrase.—>
It's Not Over (106.24)
106.24 SYNOPSIS: Director Vance is told that all the passengers are accounted for, but he is suspicious. He heads upstate to the facility. Michaela, Ben and Saanvi discuss the events of the day and Ben decides the best course of action is to find Marko. Vance arrives to find the place has been cleared out except for a fresh bloodied bandage. The episode ends as Unified Dynamic Systems sets up their new base of operations with Marko and the other passengers as the lead scientist tells his superiors that they will be back up and running in no time.—>
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