The Major

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The Major, who oversees the Singularity Project which experimented on the missing passengers, has an unusual interest in the activities of the 828ers, particularly Ben and Cal.

Played by Elizabeth Marvel

Episode References

We first learn about the Major in Episode 108.17 when Laurence Belson says to him on the phone, ” We’ve already moved them [the missing passengers] to Brooklyn; all 11, to the clean room. Thank you, Major.”

In episode 109.9, what many presumed to be the Major’s voice (on a network teleconference call) orders Laurence and his scientists to double the electric shock therapy of one of the abductees.

In episode 110, it is reported that the Major is a woman.

In episode 112, the Major is seen for the first time, while talking on her phone to Jansen who tells her that Autumn misled them. She is looking over the balcony of a high rise condo overlooking the skyline of  New York City. She is set to move there (112.18).


The new enemy

Fan Theory

One fan theory speculates that the Major may be Michaela who had time-traveled back to 2018 from the future. The only evidence, at this time, that supports this is that the Major appears to be what an older Michaela would look like (112.18).

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