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Thomas is a homosexual man from Jamaica who was smuggled into the United States by Bethany on Flight 828. First appeared in Episode 4 of Season 1.


Timeline w/ Episode References

Before Flight 828

  • Thomas and his boyfriend Leo posted a video calling out the local police in Jamaica for not investigating after their friend was beaten to death for being gay. But this only made them became targets themselves  (Ep 104.13)
  • Leo was able to get an airplane ticket out of the country to New York where his cousin Bethany Collins lived. But Thomas couldn’t get a passport in time, and had to remain in the country. It was becoming more and more dangerous for him (Ep 104.13).

Flight 828

  • Bethany who was a flight attendant for Montego Airlines smuggled Thomas as a stowaway on Flight 828 (Ep 104.13).
  • Once the plane landed and came to a stop, the plan was for him to climb out onto the landing gear, jump, and run (Ep 104.12).

In the Two Weeks since the Flight

  • While homeless on the streets of New York, he accosted people on the street. He was  taken to a psychiatric ward and placed in Room 810. Agitated and delusional, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia (Ep 104.5).
  • Saanvi who worked at the medical center  learned of him after receiving a calling to save him. Thomas runs out of his room and grabs Saanvi, crying out, “It was Bethany! Bethany!” (Ep 104.5).
  • Saanvi is able to find Bethany who tells her all about Thomas. They devise a plan to release Thomas from the hospital, but discover him missing. Thomas is later found sitting at Bethesda Fountain beneath the statue of the Angel of the Waters which was a significant part of Saanvi’s calling.
  • With Michaela’s help, Thomas is taken to a boiler room (Ep 104.6) where he could detox (having been given massive doses of Haldol at the hospital). This was an especially safe place for Thomas to be since Director Vance was hot on his trail. Although he would later arrest Bethany, he couln’t find Thomas.
  • Ben wanted no part in harboring a fugitive, not wanting to risk being captured and sent to prison. Cal who up to this point had no contact with Thomas or his whereabouts leads Ben through  subway tunnels back to Thomas (Ep 105.16). At the same time, Ben receives a calling that all things are connected.  After Ben gives Thomas some money, Bethany’s wife shows up at the boiler room to take Thomas away (Ep 105.23).

What to Expect Next

  • What happens to Bethany?
  • Where is Georgia taking Thomas?
  • Will Michaela find Leo (who disappeared three years ago)—as she promised?

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