Unified Dynamic Systems [UDS]

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Unified Dynamic Systems is a multi-billion dollar company that makes jet engines, microwaves, washing machines, mouth wash, and life insurance. It has many government contracts.

Episode References

Relocation of Passengers: (Episode 106.9) In November 2018 the government contracted with the company to relocate passengers from the plane using five buses to one of five locations (although the fifth location was not disclosed, nor even made public).

  1. FEMA in Long Island.
  2. DHS facility in Lower Manhattan.
  3. King’s Point.
  4. Fort Lee, New Jersey.
  5. An undisclosed location.

When 11 passengers who were in the hangar never showed up to any of the shelters, some of the 828ers became suspicious. Every single one of them is either a foreign national or someone with no living relatives.

Michaela Stone uncovers  that a company whose only shareholder is Unified Dynamic Systems purchased a farm 50 miles southwest of New York City, and that was where the ll missing passengers were taken (episode 106.19).


Did the company also charter Flight 828? Typically, flights that begin with the letter 8 are chartered flights.

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