Zeke Landon

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Zeke (Ezekiel James Landon) is a 36-year-old man who like the 828ers time-jumped from December 2017 to December 2018, while he was in a cave taking refuge from a storm during a blizzard.

Played by Matt Long (IMDb)

Episode References

Connection to Michaela's Calling

Michaela’s  “Find Her!” callings were visions of someone walking through a blizzard. At first she thought the calling meant finding Paul Santino’s wife Helen (110.7) and/or the Major (110.16). Eventually, though, she realized that the calling was not even her’s, that what she was hearing was a man’s voice, and the woman he was looking for was Michaela (110.30). Unknown to her and everyone else, Cal was experiencing this same calling except his hand was actually showing signs of frostbite (110.30). At the end of episode 12 Cal has gone missing (111.22). Although Ben and Grace thought maybe the Major had kidnapped him, we learn that he left on his own (110.12) so that he could go north to help the man who was walking through the snow who is later identified as Zeke.

The first time we see Zeke’s face (and not just his hand) is when he breaks through the front door of the cabin where Cal was waiting for him (112.17). While Zeke is sleeping Ben determines that he is not one of Flight 828 passengers (112.19). At first, Ben does not know whether Cal and he were sent north to help this man or stop him (112.19).

When Michaela arrives, she immediately recognizes the man’s red jacket as the one in her calling. Likewise, when the man wakes up he recognizes Michaela as the woman in the photo from the magazine that was giving him strenth and a will to live (112.20).

The man identifies himself as Zeke. He doesn’t realize it, but he has been missing for a year and thinks it is 2017.

A missing person poster (Ep 112) identifies Zeke as Ezekiel James London who is 36 years old, 5′ 10”, weight 178 lbs, has brown hair, and blue eyes. He has been missing since December 2017. “On the last day he was seen he was wearing a ski parka and carrying a camper’s backpack. He was last seen walking out of Tannersville, NY headed towards the railhead for Gunnar’s Hill. He departed before a Nor-Easter hit the area and has not been seen since.”

Zeke and Michaela go back to the cave (Ep 112).

Meaning and Significance

Zeke’s last name is Landon. Michael Landon’s last television series was Highway to Heaven (1984-1989) in which (as Jonathan Smith) he played a probationary angel whose job was to help people in order to earn his wings.

Zeke  is short for Ezekiel which is an Old Testament biblical name.

  • Ezekiel means “God will strengthen.”

If we break that part,

  • Zeke (חָזַק – chazaq) means “to strenthen,” and
  • El ( אֵל – ‘el) means “God.”

In itself, that would not point to anything. But notice what Zeke tells Michaela, “…it was like you were giving me your strength, willing me to live” (112.20).

Michaela is feminine for Michael (Think: Archangel Michael) which has several meanings:

  • “one who is like God”
  • “gift from God”
  • “close to God”

Is Michaela a type of “earth angel”? Like the Archangel Michael is Michaela being called to do divine intervention in the lives of others? Notice that when Zeke asks Michaela, “How is it possible you’re here?” Ben interrupts and asks for Zeke’s name. In other words, the meeting between Michaela and Zeke was made possible (and has significance) because the “one who is like God” was called “to strengthen.”

Note that we have already seen some healing in the episode between Ben and Grace (112.19).

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