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Grace’s Timeline

After years of mourning the loss of her husband and son, Grace is now reunited with her lost family, and with the miracle of their return, she’s ready to embrace the new normal.



  1. N/A

Relationship with her family

  1. Grace met Ben in college.
  2. Grace married Ben, and gave birth to twins.
  3. They regularly went out on date nights even after they were married (cf. 108.14).
  4. Young Olive and Ben surprise their mom and dad one morning in their bedroom (102.14)
  5. On Friday nights Grandma (Karen) and Grandpa (Steve Stone) would babysit Olive and Cal while their parents went out on date night (cf. 108.14).

Two Years before Flight 828

  1. Grace begins to experience stress in her marriage (c.f. 105.1), in part, because Cal is diagnosed with leukemia—760 days before the flight (109.20).
  2. Grace tells Michaela that she does not want her hanging around her kids, that she is “a bad influence” on them (cf. 101.6).
  3. Grace entices Ben to go on family vacation (April 2013) to Jamaica, saying they will have a lot of sex, to help their marriage (101.21).

From Jamaica on Flight 537


Afternoon — 4/7/13

  1. While waiting at  airport in Jamaica, family notified of overbooked flight, says goodbye to Ben and Cal who along with Michaela take a different flight (101.1).


  1. Grace sits next to her mother-in-law Karen Stone who asks her how things are going with Ben. Grace tells her that getting away from the hospital helped, and that maybe their marriage turned a corner (105.1).
  2. After the plane lands, Grace is eager to get home, but young Olive wants to wait for Cal and Ben at the airport. Grace, therefore, takes young Olive to the screen which shows all the incoming flights. Initially, Flight 828 is on time (to arrive at 1:40 am at gate C8), but while they are looking at the screen, the arrival time switches to a red box marked, “See Agent” (105.1).
  3. Grace and her family are notified that Flight 828 has disappeared from radar, and passengers are missing (105.2)
  4. Grace wants to know who is looking for her family, and is told to calm down by an airline spokesman (105.2).

The 5 1/2 Years


First Six Months

  1. Grace  blames Ben for everything that happened (101.21)
    • for taking that later flight, and
    • for making Cal so desperate for his attention that he wanted to stay with him
    • for taking away from her the six months she still had with Cal before he was going to die of Leukemia.
  2. Grace shuts down (104.8)
    • She has difficulty getting out of bed, while the world around her kept moving and the bills kept rolling in. She almost lost her house.

After Six Months

  1. One morning Olive cuts herself trying to make a ham and cheese sandwich for her mom. After this incident, Grace seeks help (105.7)
  2. Grace joins a Grief and Loss group (October 2013)
    • She meets Danny for the first time (105.9)
    • They don’t have their first date until April 2015.
  3. Grace files for Ben and Cal’s death certificates eight months after the plane’s disappearance (109.20).
  4. Grace pays $1430 for Cal’s gravestone (109.20)
  5. Grace receives half a million dollars death benefit from Ben’s life insurance , and uses the money (104.8).
    • to pay off the mortgage,
    • to pay off Cal’s medical bills,
    • to take out a HELOC to start her own catering business.
  6. Grace receives a lot of help from different men (c.f. 103.21).
    • Lindsay helps her with Olive’s soccer.
    • Justin fixes the bathroom sink,
    • Rob keeps her sane at work.

After Two Years

  1. Grace has left the house exactly the same. One day, Grace packs up all of Ben and Cal’s belongings, and leaves them on the curb for the Salvation and Army.
  2. Grace begins dating Danny in April 2015, and invites him over for dinner (105.13)

Unknown Time

  1. Danny move in with Grace and Olive
  2. Danny goes scuba diving with Grace in fall of 2018

Reappearance of Flight 828


Evening — 11/4/18

  1. After watching breaking news of Flight 828’s Return, Danny realizes he must leave, but not before he, Grace, and Olive all embrace (105.25)


All Day — 11/5/18

  1. Grace waits anxiously for her husband and son, who are being held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers, to be released (101.3).


Afternoon — 11/6/18

  1. Reunited with her husband and son (101.5)
  2. Shows Michaela her bedroom and the special pillow her mom made after Michaela went missing. Embroidered on it is the biblical verse from Romans 8:28 (101.6).
  3. Grace tells Michaela that this will be her home as long as she needs (101.6).

Ep 1 – Pilot


Morning — 11/7

  1. Ben and Grace take Cal to Medical Center where Dr. Williams tells them that there is a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases with cancer (101.9)
  2. Outside the medical center, Ben tells Grace that he needs to find a job. Grace tells him about Olive’s therapy sessions (101.14)


Morning— 11/8

  1. N/A


  1. Ben and Grace are given good news. Cal is to begin treatment immediately. They go to hospital for Cal’s first round of cancer treatments (102.4).


  1. At the hospital, Grace apologizes to Ben for blaming him for taking Cal away from her (101.21).
  2. After a late dinner, Grace receives a text from Danny asking if she told Ben yet, and how he misses her, Olive asks her mom, “What are you gonna do?”  (101.23)

Ep 2 – Reentry


Morning — 11/9

  1. When Ben returns home, Grace is embarrassed when he opens bedroom door while she is dressing (102.1).
  2. Grace and Ben take Cal for his second round of cancer treatments at the medical center. Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi whom he met earlier (102.4).
  3. Grace’s cell phone rings several times, and she seems preoccupied. When Ben confronts her about it, she says, “It’s just a work thing. I am catering this office party, and the client’s always checking in.”


  1. Grace remains at the hospital after Ben leaves to make some job-search calls; in turn, Ben will cover tomorrow’s shift at the hospital (102.4).
  2. After Cal’s cancer treatments, Grace takes him shopping for new clothes (cf. 102.2) and toys (cf. 102.14).
  3. While Grace and Cal are walking home from the store  a zealot woman grabs Cal while saying, “He is risen. He is not here” (102.8).


  1. When Ben returns home, Grace tells him that Cal was accosted on the sidewalk by a zealot woman. She is worried that the whole world is obsessing over the 828ers and that people can go online and find out where they live (102.10).
  2. Cal tells Grace he does not like the toys they bought that afternoon, that they are not the same as his old toys. Grace says they can go shopping again tomorrow for other toys (102.14).
  3. While in bed,  Ben notices a mark on Grace’s back from scuba diving (102.14).


Morning — 11/10

  1. It’s Saturday. Grace takes Cal to buy new toys.


  1. After Cal returns home with new toys, and is still not satisfied—and once again says he misses his old toys (102.18).


  1. Grace is surprised to see Ben and Olive arrive home with all of Cal’s old toys. She watches Cal unpack his toys (cf. 102.21)
  2. Grace is confronted by Olive for making her feel crazy for not letting go, but that now she is the one that has to let go (102.21).
  3. Grace tells Ben that she is sorry that he had to learn from Olive about her relationship with Danny, that it was not her secret to tell (102.23).
  4. After Ben tells her that he loves her, and pleas with her to remember how to love him, Grace takes her clothes off and Ben does the same.  They kiss… (102.23).

Late Evening

  1. Grace watches breaking news on the television about unconfirmed reports that one of the passengers of Flight 828 has been murdered.

Ep 3 – Turbulence


Morning — 11/11

  1. Grace has a discussion with Ben how important that he find a job, and get on with living there lives. She tells him their expenses are now double, now that he and Cal are back (103.7).
  2. Grace takes Cal with her to work at the catering kitchen (103.7).
  3. Grace tells a coworker, Rob, that she has ended her relationship with Danny because her husband is back, and that he is the man with whom she fell in love and had children. However, she also says that being with Ben feels like cheating on Danny (103.11).


  1. When Grace and Cal arrive back home, she notices Kevin on the front porch wanting to see Olive.  She tells him to send her a text message, that the family is about to have dinner (103.14).
  2. A short while later, while in the kitchen, Ben tells Grace that he found the side gate of the backyard was open and that he found footprints in the garden. Cal rats on his sister for sneaking out at night (103.15).
  3. Grace tells Ben that Kevin has been good to Olive, and not to overreact (103.15).


  1. When Grace’s friend Lindsay shows up, Ben thinks he is an intruder. Grace comforts Lindsay with an ice pack on his head, and  apologizes saying she will do all of his snacks for the next year (103.21).
  2. Grace tells Ben that the man who Olive told him about, And none of those men are the one man you’re really asking about. You don’t know that man. You’ve never met him. And you will never have to because you came home. You’re finally home (103.21).

Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage


Morning — 11/12

  1. While Ben is making breakfast, Grace notices that Ben has been keeping a scrapbook of all the people and events of Flight 828 (104.3).
  2. Ben and Grace are looking forward to having the house to themselves as Olive will be at school, and Cal at the lake with his grandpa (104.3).
  3. Grace receives a letter in the mail from the insurance company (104.6).
  4. When Ben returns home, Grace informs him that she has received a letter from the life insurance company which wants her to return Ben’s death benefit (104.8).
  5. After making a lot of calculations, Ben is able to work things out, but discovers a box of old photos of Grace and Olive with Danny, just before Grace comes into the garage bringing him lunch (104.14).


  1. Ben and Grace are embracing and kissing. Their passion for one another about ready to move upstairs, when Olive calls home, and needs a ride home. Ben agrees to pick her up (104.14).
  2. While Ben is away, Grace receives a phone call from Danny, who tells her that Olive had been caught shoplifting (c.f. 104.23).


  1. Grace confronts Ben about why he did not tell her about Olive’s shop lifting  (104.23).
  2. Grace receives a text message from Danny asking how Olive is doing (104.26).

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

DAY 10

Morning — 11/13

  1. While Grace is preparing for work, Ben says that Cal can spend the day with him (105.6).
  2. Grace goes to work.


  1. Danny tries to get a hold of Grace. First, he texts her, then he calls the work. Grace, who does not want to talk to Danny, has the person who received the call tell them that she is not there, that she took the day off (cf. 105.21)


  1. When Danny shows up at the front door, Grace tells him he can’t be there, that she is trying to rebuild her marriage. But Danny says its not about him and her, but about Olive. He also tells her that “Ten days ago, I practically lived her. We were a family (105.21).

Ep 6 – Off Radar

DAY 11

Morning — 11/14

  1. Grace and Ben wake up in the middle of the night when Cal, who is burning up with a fever, starts to scream. They take him to the hospital (106.1).
  2. Grace asks Dr. Williams if she thinks that Saanvi’s experimental treatment is making Cal sick (106.4).
  3. Grace learns for the first time that Ben and the other passengers have been hearing voices and seeing things no body else hears or sees. Grace thinks Ben is going down another rabbit hole like the last time Cal got sick (106.7).
  4. While Cal screams “Pobŭrzaĭte!” Grace says, “It’s okay, Mom’s here”  (106.10).
  5. After Cal has another screaming episode, Grace again tries to comfort her son (106.13).
  6. As Cal’s condition worsens, Grace wants to use antibiotics against the advice of Dr. Williams (106.15), Ben (106.17), and Saanvi (106.20).
  7. Grace tells Ben that he is sounding crazy, talking about how passengers were sent to a farm upstate, and Cal is somehow channeling what they’re going through up there (106.17).
  8. As Cal’s heart rate spikes and goes into a febrile seizure, Grace insists that antibiotics be given to him. When Saanvi says that they won’t help, Grace says, “I’m done with you” (106.20).
  9. Grace walks out of the room and finds a bathroom, where after closing the door, bangs her hand against it. She begins to cry (106.21).


  1. Grace is relieved that Cal’s fever finally has broken. It’s been a long day. He and Grace falls asleep in Cal’s hospital bed (106.23).

Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

DAY 12

Morning — 11/15

  1. After Cal is discharged from the hospital, Grace takes him home.

Evening — 11/15

  1. Ben comes home from his job search, and tells Grace he has been hired by JP Williams accounting firm (cf. 107.3).

DAY 13

Morning — 11/16

  1. Family dynamics come into play, as Ben readies himself for his first day on the job. After Grace affirms him for getting a job, she discloses that Olive is going rock climbing with Danny. Ben doesn’t have a lot of time to process it, though. He doesn’t want to be late for work (107.4).


  1. Grace receives a text from Ben asking if it is okay that he does not come home after work so that he can go to a company poker game (cf. 107.12).

DAY 14

Afternoon — 11/17

  1. When Olive is dropped off at the house after a second day of rock climbing, Grace thanks Danny for taking her (107.23).

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

DAYS 15 – 26

One might presume that the timeline continues as before such that Episode 8 picks up the same evening or night as the previous episode, similar to other episodes. However, after the flashback to Flight 828’s landing on November 4, 2018, episode 8 continues with a scene in which both Ben and Michaela are wearing different clothes than where they left off in episode 7 which suggests that these scenes do not occur on the same day.

DAY 27

Since this is Cal’s first day of school, this suggest a time jump has occurred (see above). Since most of episode 8 occurs within an 18 hour time frame (cf. 108.3), and since Vance later states that the plane had come back three weeks ago (108.22), and the fact that episode 9 takes place on a Saturday, that brings Cal’s first day to Friday, November 30, 2018.

Morning — 11/30

  1. Ben brings coffee to Grace who is just waking up and reminds Grace that he had given consent to sending Cal back to school (You’re right. Cal should go back to school), and then brings up the topic of going on a date that evening (108.4).
  2. Grace had planned to take Cal to school, but Olive talks her out of it, rescuing Cal from “the mommy drop” (108.5)
  3. Grace calls Olive to check on how Cal’s doing on his first day of school, and  also gets some tips from her daughter on buying the right kind of make-up for her date night with Ben (108.14)
  4. Grace runs into Lourdes at the store who is buying fertility kits anticipating starting a family with Jared (108.14).


  1. In late afternoon, Grace gets ready for her date night, as Cal and Olive watch (108.19).
  2. Ben calls Grace, and tells her that he will have to meet her at the restaurant that he is running late at work.
  3. When Michaela arrives home, Grace tells her about how Jared and Lourdes are trying to have a baby (108.19)..


  1. Ben meets Grace at a restaurant. Ben makes a toast “to a new beginning,” and Grace “to [Ben’s] new job, to our life together. To the new us… to the future” (108.20).
  2. Ben return home, and as Grace tends to the children and gets ready for bed, Ben and Michaela update each other on their days. After Michaela gets a call from Jared that something happened at the Harvey bar (108.22), Ben presumably resumes his “date night” with Grace in the bedroom (off camera).

Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

DAY 28

Morning — 12/1

  1. Grace finds a note on the kitchen counter that Ben had morning errands to run. Grace is in a very happy mood. She is glad that her family appears back to normal. Ben has a job, and Cal has recovered from his sickness (108.26).
  2. Grace tells Olive and Cal that she is planning a surprise barbecue for Ben because he has been working so hard that he has not had any time to catch up with old friends since he’s been back. She wants the children to keep him out of the house until 4:30 p.m.
  3. After Ben comes home and he chooses not to answer his phone because “it’s work”, Grace smiles at him and says, “I like your style” (109.3).
  4. Grace leaves the house to do errands (109.3).
  5. When she arrives back home, she is informed that Ben left for work. When she tried calling him, she left a message (c.f. 109.12).


  1. Grace is busy all afternoon preparing food for her surprise barbecue for Ben (109.10).
  2. Grace tries calling Ben a little after 4:00 p.m., but get’s his voice message, as the first guests begin to arrive (109.10)
  3. Grace calls Ben again after 4:30, but again gets a voice message. She expresses her worry (109.12)
  4. During the barbecue, two unidentified men from JP Williamson security division show up requesting to see Ben. They tell Grace he was terminated as of 8:00 p.m. yesterday evening (109.12).
  5. Olive shows Grace a note from Cal stating, “Sorry I had to leave Dad needed me” she tells her mom (109.14).
  6. After Grace receives a phone call from Michaela that Cal is with her (cf. 109.13), Grace waits anxiously at her front door for his return (cf. 109.18).
  7. When Ben brings Cal home, Grace is upset. Although Ben says Cal is fine. She says he’s not. She tells Ben to stay away (109.18).


  1. After Ben tells Grace that all he was trying to do was keep Cal safe, she tells him that their relationship is not right any more and they must separate (109.20).
  2. Later, Grace stands by and watches Ben hugs Olive, and say goodbye to Cal before leaving the house (109.21).

Ep 10 – Crosswinds

DAYS 29-37

It is uncertain how long this timeline will be able to map out the dates, or that it is even important to do so once the 28-day milestone (a significant number) has been reached in episode 9. But as long as we are given clues in the script, we will keep doing it. According to Michaela, it has been 10 days since the last calling (110.3), that means the events of episode 10 occur on Monday, December 10, 2018. It is disparaging that there are no Christmas decorations visible, and that there are green leaves still on the trees, no snow, etc.

10 Days Since the Explosion

After Grace kicked Ben out of the house, she has been “in a dark place” (cf. 110.5), barely smiling, and not eating (cf. 110.12). She has made arrangements with Ben so that he can see the children on certain days (cf. 110.13), and presumably has had no contact with Danny (cf. 110.5).

DAY 38

Morning — 12/10

  1. Grace toasts frozen waffles for Olive and Grace, but burns them. She still gives them to her children to eat. After Olive refuses to eat and leaves for school, Grace tells Cal he shouldn’t eat it his either, and offers him a smoothie instead on the way to school (110.5).


  1. Grace is surprised to see Ben at her front door. Cal had invited him to come over to shoot hoops (110.13).


  1. Grace gets another surprise when Danny come over for dinner. Olive had invited him over. It does not go smoothly, however. When Grace tells Danny to leave saying, “This is a family matter,” Olive erupts. “What the hell, Mom? Danny is family” (110.21).
  2. When Ben comes over, and has a brawl with Danny. When Olive blames herself, Grace says its not her fault. She then tells Ben that ever since the plane landed he wanted to reenter his family like no time had passed, and Danny wanted the family they had built. She then tells everyone she does not know what she wants. She tells everyone that she is tired of being the bad guy (110.23).
  3. After Ben leaves saying goodbye to the children, Danny also leaves and says goodbye to Grace (110.27).
  4. Later, Grace stands at the doorway of Cal’s room conflicted about what she is going to do next while watching Olive and Cal sleep (110.29).

Ep 11 – Contrails

DAY 39

Morning — 12/11

  1. Grace drops Cal off at school, and goes to work at her catering service.


  1. Ben then brings Cal home, but instead of dropping him off he comes into the house. When Ben apologizes to Grace for doing so, Grace says its fine; it’s his house, too (111.2).
  2. Grace asks Ben if he can take care of Cal tomorrow.  Something has come up at her catering job. Cal interrupts and says that his dad is going to be busy with a man from the plane who needs his help (111.2).


  1. There is nothing in the script that hints at what Grace did.

DAY 40

Morning — 12/12

  1. Grace drops Cal off at school, and goes to work at her catering service.


  1. When Grace arrives at Michaela’s apartment to take him home, Michaela says she is rooting for her and Ben (111.11).
  2. Cal tells Grace that Ben is helping people and that he wants to be like his dad (111.16).


  1. Ben tries reaching Grace on the phone, but is unable. Grace discovers that Cal is missing, and his bedroom window is open (111.22).

NOTE: Timeline for this day continues below (Episode 12).

Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

DAY 41

NOTE: Episode begins at 11 p.m. on the night before.

Evening — 12/12

  1. Grace had called the police and she is being questioned about why Cal might be missing (112.1).
  2. After Ben and Michaela arrive they tell Grace everything that has happened concerning Cal and how Ben was trying to protect her and Cal. Ben then shows Grace Cal’s drawings and explains how he can see into the future (112.4).
  3. Grace recognizes one of the drawings as being the town square of Tannersville, N.Y. (112.4).
  4. Michaela calls Jared, who comes into the house pretending that Cal is safe and that he is with his grandpa. This sends the police away to leave the Stone family in charge of finding Cal. They know more than the police (112.5).
  5. After Michaela suggests that they borrow another vehicle Grace borrows Danny’s truck (112.5).

Morning — 12/13

  1. Grace and Ben take Danny’s truck north to go look for Cal. On the radio is a news report about a double homicide and theft of an armored car in New York City (112.6).
  2. Grace and Ben ride into Tannersville, New York where Cal drew every last detail of a church. Grace and Ben search the town on food asking the townspeople if they have seen Cal (112.8).
  3. Grace blames Ben for all that is happening, even for leaving her and Cal. She refuses to take responsibility for kicking him out. She tells Ben that he has gone too far (112.11).
  4. They then receive a text message from Olive who sends a photo of the note from Cal saying he left. They notice two of Jansen’s men in suits walking down the sidewalk across the street looking for Cal (112.11).


  1. As Grace and Ben travel down the road, they realize someone is following them so they put the truck in four wheel and go off road. But then after a while they notice that that vehicle is turning around, so they start following it thinking they might have received a tip where Cal is. However, the cabin they went to was not the cabin where Cal was (112.13).
  2. Michaela calls Ben telling him that she had just received the page that Autumn had ripped out of Cal’s notebook, and on the back was a drawing of the exterior of the cabin. Ben and Grace then start looking for a radio tower which is in the background of Cal’s drawing (112.14).
  3. Ben realizes that Cal’s note doesn’t say “I left” but is a map meant for him at the precise moment when he did not know which way to turn (112.16)
  4. Ben and Grace find Cal. But shortly afterward, a man appears at the door. Banging his body up against it, he breaks through. Ben rushes to protect his son. Cal says, “It’s him. Do not hurt him.” But before Ben could even react the man falls to the floor and is out cold (112.17)


  1. While the man is sleeping, Ben tells Grace that the man is not one of the passengers, and does not know whether he can be trusted (112.19).
  2. Ben is in contact with Saanvi on how best to treat the man’s hypothermia (112.20)
  3. After Michaela arrives, she notices the man’s red jacket and that he is the one she has been having visions about(112.20).
  4. Ben and Michaela learn that the man, whose name is Zeke, has been missing for a year (although he thinks it has only been two weeks). Apparently, he has time-jumped a full year (112.20).

Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

DAY 42

Morning — 12/14

  1. Olive and grandpa Steve give Cal a big hug when he returns. After Ben tells Grace that it might be too risky to tell Olive about the callings, Grace agrees, but also realizes from her own experience that keeping Olive from the rest of the family has its own dangers (113.6).


  1. Ben and the family are playing Bananagrams when Jared stops over who is worried about Michaela. While they are talking someone throws a brick through the window. Ben and Jared run out toward the street as a man leaves in a truck. After Jared goes after them, Ben goes back toward the house and sees that the man had also spray painted a big red “X” on the Stone’s front door (113.8).
  2. In a very touching scene, Cal asks his mom what’s wrong with him, and if he is a freak, even suspecting that he might not be himself anymore. Grace comforts Cal saying she knows exactly who he is. He is her little boy. Moms know these things (113.19).


  1. As Grace takes the Mythology text book off of sleeping Olive’s chest, she hears metal rattling. It’s Ben on his knees trying to wash the “ugly mark off [his] family’s house.” Grace who is teary-eyed invites Ben back into her life telling him she needs him. After Grace kisses Ben’s hand, she grabs a sponge from a blue bucket and together they try to get rid of the red mark from their house (113.22).

Ep 14 – Upgrade

DAY 43

Morning — 12/15

  1. Since Grace welcomed Ben back home, he probably stayed the night. In the morning, then he went to Michaela’s apartment and gathered his things.


  1. Grace says that it is a welcome sight to see Ben and Olive working together. After Ben receives a text of the photo that Michaela took of the petrograph, Olive is eager to help him, (cf. 114.3)


  1. Ben receives a phone call from Michaela to tell him that she and Zeke are back. Ben tells Michaela this is not just about the flight anymore, that they have to figure out what Zeke’s return means for the bigger picture. (114.3)
  2. Ben and Grace hear noises from Cal’s room. They find him on the floor saying, “It’s coming.”

DAY 44

Morning — 12/16

  1. Grace asks Zeke if he has reached out to his family. She tells him that every parent needs to know that their child is safe. When Zeke says his coming back is a fluke, Grace says it is not random. Grace shows Zeke Cal’s drawing and how he risked his life to save him (114.12).


  1. The bond between Zeke and Cal grows after Zeke shares that he once had a little sister. When Zeke asks him to draw the roof, Cal says he can’t help. “If I draw it, it will happen.” Grace and Zeke encourage Cal to draw something fun, to test out the theory that whatever he draws will happen (114.16)


  1. Cal is drawing a picture of a table with a whole lot of money on it. Zeke and Grace then tell him that his drawings do not make the future happen. He then begins to draw a picture of the wolf, saying it wasn’t just a wolf. Cal completes his picture. It is a wolf attacking Michaela. (114.22)

Ep 15 – Hard Landing

DAY 45

NOTE: Episode begins on the evening before.

Evening — 12/16

  1. Grace is at the house with Ben and Zeke. They learn about what happened in the East River. There is a television report: The getaway car disappeared three days ago. Authorities are speculating that sediment at the river bottom obscured its location. Now, incredibly, the driver’s been pulled from the vehicle, alive. This is Michelle Park… (115.1).
  2. Ben receives a phone call from Michaela. She tells him how Griffin jumped at her even though he was underwater for over 80 hours. She tells Ben to meet her at the hospital in 20 minutes (115.1).
  3. Grace stays home.

Morning — 12/17

  1. Grace tells Cal and Olive that Ben is at the hospital with Michaela, and tells them what happened the night before (cf. 115.5).
  2. Ben calls home, and after briefly talking to Olive who tells him that she put Griffin on her board, and that Cal is making a popsicle stick Art the Dragon for a school project, gives an update to Grace about Griffin. Grace tells him that she is glad they are a family again (115.5).
  3. Ben arrives back home. In a phone call,  Michaela asks Ben for help in finding information on Griffin. Meanwhile, internet hate against the 828 grows. Cody who is streaming live reminds everyone of Ben’s screw up when he physically assaulted Cody. Ben and Grace agree that they need Olive to help do research on the internet (115.7).


  1. Olives discovers that James Griffin had a foster brother, Devon Carrick, who died in 2004. This connects him to Zeke who lost Chloe, and to Michaela who lost Evie. They also learn of Angela Graham, Griffin’s foster mom. Grace plans to meet with her. Michaela questions Griffin about Devon (115.10).
  2. Grace speaks with Griffin’s foster mother in front of a church. Grace tells her that Griffin is a threat to her family. Grace needs to know what she is dealing with. Angela tells Grace that Griffin had one friend in the world and he lost him. Devon had treated him like his little brother. Devon had even saved Griffin’s life on a canoe trip (115.14).


  1. Ben is frustrated that Griffin literally used a calling to get away with murder. Ben is skeptical of the callings. Grace wonders if the callings are about how people choose to use them (115.18).

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