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Jared’s Timeline

Jared is a police detective who eventually moved on with his life after the disappearance of fiancée Michaela’s plane. But now that she’s back, he’s torn apart by the return of his first love.



  1. N/A

Relationship with Lourdes and Michaela

  1. After Evie’s accident, Jared goes with Michaela to Evie’s wake, but Evie’s parents tells Michaela that she is not welcome (103.10).
  2. proposes to Michaela

Flights 537 and 828


All Day — 4/7/13

  1. Jared texts Michaela “You marrying me or what???? <3”, and waits for a response  (cf. 102.22).


  1. While at a restaurant with Lourdes, Jared is worried that Michaela is going to turn him down, when he receives a phone call about Flight 828’s disappearance (105.2)
  2. Jared goes to the airport with Lourdes, and speaks with Grace and the others. When he learns that Michaela volunteered to take the voucher for a later flight, he says, “She didn’t want to come back?” (105.2)

The 5 1/2 Years


First Six Months

  1. N/A

After Six Months

  1. Jared helps Lourdes carry a box of Michaela’s photos to Karen and Steve’s house. When a box falls on the sidewalk, Jared reminisces how Lourdes, Michaela, and Evie were known as the “Three Amigas” (105.8).

After Two years

  1. Jared is promoted to detective (105.8).
  2. Jared kisses Lourdes for the first time (105.8).

Unknown Time

  1. Jared receives an afghan from Karen, and more important, her approval of Jared decision to marry Lourdes (105.8)

Reappearance of Flight 828


Evening — 11/4/18

  1. While celebrating his three year “first-kiss-aversary” with Lourdes, notified of Flight 828’s return (105.25)


All Day — 11/5/18

  1. Unable to come to the airport for reunion with stone family (101.3).


Afternoon — 11/6/18

  1. N/A

Ep 1 – Pilot


Morning — 11/7

  1. When Michaela visits 129th police precinct, Jared sees her for first time after her return, and discloses to her that he is married to Lourdes (101.8)
  2. Jared is interviewed on the TV’s about a case he is working on involving two kidnapped girls (101.10).


Morning — 11/8

  1. At the precinct, an officer reveals to Jared phone footage of Michaela and Ben freeing the dogs.  Jared is willing to help Michaela out of her predicament, and to save her career (101.15)


  1. After the dogs have been found, Jared takes Michaela back to the metal works facility to return them. He asks Mr. Garrison if he would be willing to forgo pressing charges. Jared offers to pay for all the repairs (101.19)
  2. When Michaela discovers the kidnap girls, Jared is able to dodge from getting hit by an object, and handcuffs Mr. Garrison (101.19).


  1. Accepts Michaela’s thank-you and tells her, “You still take my breath away” (101.20).

Ep 2 – Reentry


Morning — 11/9

  1. While at his desk, Jared observes Michaela and Lourdes having a short conversation; this was the first time the two met after the plane’s reappearance (102.3).


  1. After Jared asks Michaela not to punish Lourdes about them getting married, Michaela says that whenever she sees or thinks about them together, she feels like puking and/or fainting (102.11).


Afternoon — 11/10

  1. After Jared hears the news that Michaela not only got her job back, but that she was promoted to detective, he congratulates her (102.18).


  1. Jared, who is at his desk in the police station, opens an oversized envelope and finds the engagement ring in it that he had given Michaela before she went down to Jamaica.

Ep 3 – Turbulence


Morning — 11/11

  1. Jared receives a phone call from Detective Donovan about how Michaela and Ben went to the crime scene of Kelly’s murder last night. When he tells Michaela that she crossed a line, that she needs to stop or she will get into trouble. (103.8)
  2. Jared makes some phone calls and does some research into the Kelly investigation (cf. 103.8).


  1. Jared tells Michaela that Kelly and her husband owned and operated a mall (103.12)
  2. Vance makes a visit to the precinct and asks Jared to help me. He needs to know what “Michaela’s doing, where she’s going, who she’s seeing.” He wants Jared to give him regular reports. “You’ll be serving your country and saving your job. You don’t want to cross me, Detective” (103.18).


  1. After Patrick is interrogated at police precinct, Jared tells Michaela that Patrick’s alibi is air tight, that he did not kill Kelly; that the man whom they arrested on the night of the murder remains their prime suspect (103.18)
  2. After Michaela discovered that it was Christine who killed Kelly, Jared wants answers saying that she is now two for two. Michaela, however, does not say anything to him about the callings (103.24).
  3. While at his desk, late at night, Jared tears up Vance’s business card (103.26).

Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage


Morning — 11/12

  1. At the precinct, the captain informs Jared and Michaela that they will be paired up doing a joint operation with ATF (104.4).
  2. Jared sits in car with Michaela talking about old times at Italian restaurant (104.7).
  3. Jared leaves the car to get coffee, and leaves his cell phone behind (104.7), when he returns Michaela confronts him about a text that appeared on his phone about Jared giving Harrington tickets to the game, so that Jared could pair up with Michaela (104.10).
  4. When Michaela tells Jared they must go in immediately to help ATF, Jared questions her why, and then after she insists, Jared gives the go ahead, only to blow the agent’s cover, and botch the operation (104.10).


  1. Jared takes the fall for Michaela (104.15).
  2. Jared tells Michaela about his suspension (104.19).


  1. Jared is at his desk keeping track of Michaela’s unusual happening on a map where he has circled and labeled areas of the city (i.e. “Evie’s mom,” “Pyler sisters”) and now writes “gunshot lie?” circling an area. (104.26).

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

DAY 10

Morning — 11/13

  1. Jared visits with the union rep at the 12th police precinct who tells him that he is being G.O. Sixteened (105.5).
  2. Michaela who has the day off, stops by to see how Jared is doing (105.5).


  1. Jared has his investigation hearing with two CDIU agents. Still covering for Michaela, he lies saying, “he heard a gunshot. Thought our undercover was in jeopardy, so I made the call to go in” (105.20).
  2. The CDIU strips Jared of ten days pay (105.20).
  3. Jared learns that Vance had bailed him out, and who reminds him that he wants to know “what [Michaela] does, where she goes, who she talks to, all of it” (105.20).
  4. Jared goes to the bar and has a few drinks before Michaela finds him. Jared gives her a cold shoulder, and avoids looking at her (105.22).


  1. Jared returns home and learns from Lourdes that earlier in the day, Michaela had stopped by and told his wife that he was in trouble at work. When Jared tries to reassure Lourdes that everything is okay, Michaela confronts him about having heard this from Michaela, and not from him (105.24).

Ep 6 – Off Radar

DAY 11

Morning — 11/14

  1. Jared receives a call from Michaela asking him to tell the captain that she needs to take a personal day because Cal is sick (106.3).
  2. When Jared finds Michaela at her desk later in the morning with a woman (Anna Ross) looking up information on the computer, he asks her, “What happened to that personal day?” He tells her he doesn’t even think Cal is sick, and then tells her her he does not want any part of whatever Michaela is doing (106.8).


  1. When Jared learns from Michaela about the missing passengers, he agrees to help her (106.12).
  2. While in the country, Michaela and Jared discover a large barn which is heavily secured. They are escorted off the premises, but not before Michaela is able to snap a few photos (106.14).
  3. Michaela tells Jared about the voices and visions she has been having (106.16).


  1. Jared learns from Michaela that the farm was purchased by a subsidiary of a holding company whose only shareholder is Unified Dynamic Systems (106.19).
  2. After Michaela leaves to go home, Jared continues to work at his desk late into the night (106.23).

Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

DAY 12

Morning — 11/15

  1. N/A

DAY 13

Morning — 11/16

  1. Jared invites Michaela to dinner with him and Lourdes that evening (107.10).
  2. Jared and Michaela respond to a robbery call, and discover that a barber, Enrique, had been shot; Jared notifies the bus lines (107.10).


  1. Jared is with Michaela and Carlos during a police line up. But Carlos, Enrique’s nephew, can not ID the suspect during a police line up (107.11).


  1. Jared and Michaela arrive at his house, where Lourdes is cooking dinner. When Jared kisses Lourdes, Michaela turns away (107.13).
  2. While having dinner, Jared listens to the women reminisce of the past, when Michaela abruptly leaves (107.13).
  3. Unaware that Michaela had received a calling, Jared looks at Lourdes and says, “We tried. She wasn’t ready.” (107.13)

DAY 14

Morning — 11/17

  1. While talking to Michaela at the precinct, Carlos comes clean, bringing in the gun, but the shooter had already been released and could not be ID’d (107.19).


  1. While driving with Michalea, Michaela hears a heart beating and uses it to find the shooter just as he is about to rob an elderly man of cash (107.22).


  1. Michaela returns to Beverly’s house and says that Evie is okay (107.25).
  2. Michaela notices a drawing on the refrigerator that Cal had made showing Carlos with Evie’s heart (107.26).

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

DAYS 15 – 26

One might presume that the timeline continues as before such that Episode 8 picks up the same evening or night as the previous episode. However, after the flashback to Flight 828’s landing on November 4, 2018, episode 8 continues with a scene in which both Ben and Michaela are wearing different clothes than where they left off in episode 7 which suggests that these scenes do not occur on the same day.

Work Shift (Unknown Days)

  1. Jared continues to work out of the 129th precinct, doing normal routine assignments.

DAY 27

Since this is Cal’s first day of school, this suggest a time jump has occurred (see above). Since most of episode 8 occurs within an 18 hour timeframe (cf. 108.3), and since Vance later states that the plane had come back three weeks ago (108.22), and the fact that episode 9 takes place on a Saturday, that brings Cal’s first day to Friday, November 30, 2018.

Morning — 11/30

  1. When Michaela arrives late to the 12th precinct, Jared teases her about it (108.6).
  2. Captain Riojas tells Michaela about a man who wants to jump from the Freedman building (108.6).
  3. Jared and Michaela show up at the scene of the jumper on top of the building. Michaela identifies the man as Harvey, one of the passengers on the plane (108.8).
  4. Jared stands by with Michaela on the roof of the building trying to talk the man down (108.10).
  5. Jared and Michaela watch the man jump to his death (108.12)


  1. Jared and Michaela go to Harvey’s apartment looking for clues, where Michaela sees “I am the angel of death” written in large red letters on Harvey’s bedroom wall. Jared finds a green t-shirt from O’Ryan’s Tavern and the obituaries of two people (108.15)
  2. When the bartender at O’Ryan’s Tavern tells Jared and Michaela that Harvey had mentioned to the couple about having callings shortly before their deaths, Michaela worries that something might happen to Jared, too (108.19).


  1. Jared texts Michaela that there has been an incident at the tavern where they were earlier in the day. When they arrive, they find out that the bartender, Lois, was electrocuted (108.23).

Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

DAY 28

Morning — 12/1

  1. At the police station Michaela is looking at the plans of Red Hook warehouse (cf. 109.4), when Jared asks what she is doing. She does not tell him about what she is doing because she cares too much for him, and does not want to worry about how he might die because she asks for his help with the callings. Jared tells Michaela he cares about her (109.6).


  1. Jared observes Michaela having a massive headache and in pain. He asks her if she is okay? He wants to help, but Michaela says this is not his fight. When she learns that Vance is helping her, Jared insists on helping (109.11).
  2. Jared tags along with the tactical team as it enters the warehouse, but they find nothing, until Cal shows up and shows them the exact location of missing passengers (109.11).
  3. Jared and the others find the passengers amidst a lot of shooting while SP clinicians evacuate laboratory (109.15).
  4. Jared and Vance find Laurence Belson. When Belson reaches for his gun, Jared punches him (109.15).
  5. Jared and Vance, having detained Belson, get lost in the tunnels (109.16)
  6. Following a large explosion, Jared is knocked unconscious, but is found by Michaela and taken to the hospital (109.17).


  1. While Jared is unconscious, Michaela gets down on her knees next to his bed, and prays aloud,  “I can’t lose him, please” (109.19).
  2. When Jared wakes up, Michaela says she will get Lourdes, but Jared says, “Stay with me” (109.21).
  3. Later, Michaela receives a phone call from Ben to meet him in the boiler room that Grace has kicked him out of the house. Michaela tells him about Vance’s death. Michaela thinks he died because Ben told him about the callings. She says the only reason Jared did not die, is that she talked back to the callings. Ben tells her that we don’t have control. No magic or prayer or callings can make it better (109.22).

Ep 10 – Crosswinds

DAYS 29-37

It is uncertain how long this timeline will be able to map out the dates, or that it is even important to do so once the 28-day milestone (a significant number) has been reached in episode 9. But as long as we are given clues in the script, we will keep doing it. According to Michaela, it has been 10 days since the last calling (110.3), that means the events of episode 10 occur on Monday, December 10, 2018. It is disparaging that there are no Christmas decorations visible, and that there are green leaves still on the trees, no snow, etc.

10 Days Since the Explosion

While Jared continues to stay in the hospital we can presume that Michaela visits him. At some point, Lourdes would have been contacted, and she more than likely would have stayed at his side. Upon discharge, Jared went home with Lourdes.

DAY 38

Morning — 12/10

  1. When Jared wakes up, he tells Loudes he feels great. Lourdes tells him she is ovulating and she can think of another way to spend the day. Jared, however, keeps his distance saying he is not ready (110.1).
  2. Jared goes back to work (cf. 110.1).


  1. When Jared sees Michaela at her desk looking for information on Helen, and saying, “You got to be out there somewhere,” Jared surprises her with, “Right, here actually.” They give each other a hug (110.11).
  2. Michaela tells Jared about Helen’s disappearance. He agrees to help her (110.13), and they go to her house where they find unread newspapers, unopened mail, and a container of warm milk on the kitchen counter dated November 6 (110.15).
  3. Jared goes back to the precinct to search for Helen’s whereabouts using online resources, he finds out that Helen’s last charge on her credit card was an Uber ride to a motel. He goes to the motel where the clerk ID’d Helen’s photo. He then texts Michaela to meet him there (cf. 110.17).
  4. At the motel Helen tells Jared and Michaela that the reason she disappeared was that when she learned that Paul had come back, it was like a wrecking ball was smashing into everything she had built. For the last 5 1/2 years she has been in therapy. Paul was an abusive husband (110.17).
  5. On the way back to the precinct, Michaela doesn’t say a word to Jared. When he asks her whay, she tells him that she, like Paul, might be some kind of wrecking ball smashing into Jared’s life (110.19).
  6. Michaela tells Jared that she is going to tell Captain Riojas  she does not want to work with him anymore (110.19).


  1. Jared visits Michaela at her apartment to tell her that she is not a wrecking ball, but a soulmate. After Michaela hears Jared tell her that he loves her, she kisses him, and they end up having sex for the first time since her return (110.24).
  2. Jared returns home conflicted, and stands at the door to his bedroom where he finds Lourdes sound asleep (110.29).

Ep 11 – Contrails

DAY 39

Morning — 12/11

  1. Jared goes to work at the 119th Police Precinct feeling good about having sex with Michaela the night before. Michaela, however, avoids him (cf. 111.3).


  1. While she is working at her desk she experiences the same calling she did yesterday, “Find her! Find her!”
  2. When Jared finds Michaela, she tells him that having sex was a mistake and it was cheating. Jared admits that it was messy, they will get through it. Michaela says it doesn’t matter what happened five years ago. What matters in what they do now (111.3).


  1. The script does not give us any clues as to what Jared did.

DAY 40

Morning — 12/12

  1. The script does not give us any clues as to what Jared did.


  1. Jared asks Michaela if she needs help. He tells her that he is here if she ever needs him. Michaela  leaves abruptly when a police bulletin pops up on her screen. Jared looks at the computer and see that a Roger Mencin was found unresponsive in South Oyster Bay, and was pronounced dead. (111.13).


  1. The script does not give us any clues as to what Jared did.

NOTE: Timeline for this day continues below (Episode 12).

Ep 12 – Vanishing Point

DAY 41

NOTE: Events at the start of episode occur after 11 p.m. on night before.

  1. Michaela calls Jared and tells him how Grace had called the police when Cal went missing, and now they have to come up with a plan to get rid of the police (cf. 112.4).
  2. Jared arrives the Stone house telling everyone including the police that Cal is safe with his grandpa (112.5).

Morning — 12/13

  1. Michaela tells Jared that she found out from social services that Autumn has an 8 year old daughter, whom she lost custody of due to a prison stint, and that’s the leverage the Major is using on Autumn (112.9).
  2. Jared informs Michaela that the Feds have voiced her warrants and they are going to have to relase Autumn from custody (112.9)


  1. Autumn calls Jansen and intentionally misleads him and his men (who are searching for Cal) to the wrong cabin. She is in her apartment with Jared and Michaela who give her the name and address of her daughter’s adoptive family. Autumn then gives Michaela the picture that she ripped out of Cal’s notebook which was not only of her, but her daughter. On the back is a drawing of the exterior of the cabin which is Michaela understands is the key to finding Cal (112.14).
  2. While on the sidewalk, Jared notices Michaela looking up at the sky. She sees snow falling from above, and tells him she thinks it might be another calling, but is not sure (112.15)
  3. Michaela tells Jared that she needs to go north on her own and help Ben and Grace find Cal, and he needs to stay (112.15).


  1. The script tells us nothing about what Jared did.

Ep 13 – Cleared for Approach

DAY 42

Morning — 12/14


  1. Ben and the family are playing Bananagrams when Jared stops over who is worried about Michaela. While they are talking someone throws a brick through the window. Ben and Jared run out toward the street as a man leaves in a truck. After Jared goes after them, Ben goes back toward the house and sees that the man had also spray painted a big red “X” on the Stone’s front door (113.8).
  2. The police interrogate a suspect in the vandalism case. Days earlier, Cody Webber had set up an 828 hate site. Ever since Daly stole the plane, a group of people think they are terrorists. While Jared is budy receiving an update on another case, Ben takes a peek at the police report on the table (113.5).


  1. Ben is arrested and taken to the 119th police precinct, where Jared confronts him in the interrogation room. Jared tells him that he has played right into this hate group’s hands. Although Ben is allowed to walk, Jared tells him if it happens again neither he nor Michaela will be able to help him (113.20).

Ep 14 – Upgrade

DAY 43

Morning — 12/15

  1. Jared and Lourdes are in bed kissing, and although Lourdes wants to go further, Jared is unresponsive telling her that he needs more time. Lourdes asks him if Michaela is back yet (114.4).

DAY 44

Morning — 12/16

  1. At the police precinct, Michaela tells Jared that she does not want to continue her relationship with him because he needs to be with Lourdes (114.8).
  2. Captain Riojas interrupts saying one of them needs to go to the recovery effort by the river while the police search for the getaway vehicle. Initially divers couldn’t go into the water because of an electrical storm. Now they can’t even find it. Michaela suggests that Jared take the day shift so he can be at home in the evening with his wife. She will take the night shift (114.8).


  1. Jared is with divers who are looking for the getaway vehicle in the river when he receives a text from Michaela, “Lourdes knows.” (114.15)
  2. Jared gets someone to cover for him, and immediately goes home where he discovers that Lourdes has packed her bags and is leaving him (cf. 114.21)


  1. When Michaela stops by to talk to Lourdes, Jared tells her that she is not home. Jared says that this was meant to be and that they are destined for one another. Michaela receives a text that the police have found the van in the river (114.21)

Ep 15 – Hard Landing

DAY 45

NOTE: Episode begins on the evening before.

Evening — 12/16

  1. Jared finds Michaela in the emergency room where Griffin was taken, and asks her how is it possible that Griffin is alive. Michaela tells him that Griffin is not the first. She tells him about Zeke (115.1).
  2. Jared escorts Ben into the emergency room. Since Zeke is with him, they meet for the first time (115.1).
  3. Jared ‘s jealously of Zeke fosters distrust. He wants to find out more information about Zeke (115.4).

Morning — 12/17

  1. Just before Michaela arrives at the police station with Griffin, Jared and other officers receive a terrorist alert. Then Griffin tells police there is going to be a terrorist attack, and wants to be cleared of all charges before giving out any more information.  Michaela tells Jared that she thinks Griffin is credible (115.6).


  1. Zeke is seen trying to gain entrance to someone’s residence, and is apprehended by the police. Zeke is taken to the 119th Police Precinct where Michaela begs Jared not to book him (115.11).
  2. Jared is upset after Michaela talks to Zeke in the cell wanting an explanation. Zeke tells her that it is his mom’s house. He does not want to break his mom’s heart, and wanted to check things out to see if she was okay. Michaela releases him from jail and tells him to talk to his mom (115.17).
  3. Jared picks out from the trash can the cup that Zeke had been drinking from (115.17), he then gives it to forensics (115.19).


  1. When Michaela tells Griffin that now she knows what its like to have the callings exploited, he tells her that her thinking is far too narrow, that the callings are capable of much more. He is going to take them to a whole new level. He then reveals to authorities where the bomb is hidden (115.20).
  2. Michaela and Jared go to Time Square with the bomb squad. When they arrive, the police begin clearing an area around a pretzel stand where they find and are able to disconnect the the bomb. Michaela then experiences a calling. She first hears a wolf growling loudly, and then sees it in the crowd. When Jared approaches her and says everything is good, shes says, “No we’re not” (115.21).

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