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  1. Nothing revealed so far.


  1. For six weeks prior to going to Jamaica, Saanvi has been compiling data for a research project (101.2) on cell-regeneration for pediatric cancer patients (101.13).

From Jamaica on Flight 828



  1. Passengers experience turbulence (101.2).
  2. Flight 828 disappears from radar (105.1).

The 5 1/2 Missing Years


The Initial Moments

  1. Flight 828 crew and passengers appear to have loss consciousness or are asleep. Cal is alert and sees a bright light outside the airplane, saying, “It’s all connected.” (105.28)

To New York on Flight 828


Evening — 11/4/18

  1. After the passengers experience turbulence, they are unaware that they have been transported 5 1/2 years into the future (101.2).
  2. Saanvi’s laptop falls to the floor and the screen cracks.
  3. The passengers are notified that the plane is being diverted to Newburgh.
  4. A man approaches her in the aisle asking her in Bulgarian for help in filling out his customs and immigration forms. She tells him, “Sorry, I only speak English (106.1).
  5. The plane lands at 11:49 local time (101.2).
  6. Robert Vance informs the passengers while they are standing on the tarmac that they have been missing for 5 1/2 years.


All Day — 11/5/18

  1. Passengers are held for questioning inside one of the airport’s hangers for thirty six hours (101.3). Saanvi tells Director Vance that what happened “makes no sense” (101.4 and 109.1).


Afternoon — 11/5/18

  1. Reunited with mother and father at noon, who bring her home.

Ep 1 – Pilot


Morning — 11/7

  1. Dr. Williams notifies Dr. Miller of Ben and Grace’s request that Cal undergo special treatment at the clinic (101.9).


  1. Saanvi’s mom and dad bring her to the medical center’s research clinic, where there is a surprise “Welcome Back” celebration in her honor. Her boss tells her that he had received her data five years ago, and that her cell-regeneration model is no longer just theoretical. It has been a complete success. Over the last 30 months, hundreds of young lives have been saved (101.13).


Morning — 11/8

  1. During a “new applicant review” session, Saanvi watches while doctors and researches discuss Cal’s application. Although Saanvi should  be at the table, one might speculate that she is still acclimating herself1  to all that has taken place (101.15).
  2. Saanvi interrupts when she hears Dr. Cardoso state that Cal’s “diagnosis date is outside the study parameters. He has lived with disease for more than six years.” The team still denies Cal’s application because they “can’t risk breaking protocol”(101.18).


  1. After the meeting, Saanvi visits Dr. Cardoso’s office and says that she is entitled to a voice here, that his study is based on her research, and that she cares less about money, and wants to give Cal a chance to live (101.18).
  2. Ben and Grace are told to bring Cal immediately to the hospital to being treatments.


  1. While Cal is receiving his first round of cancer treatments, Saanvi watches Cal from a distance. He smiles at her. She then leaves (102.4).
  2. Saanvi  goes back to airport where she meets up with other 828ers and witness the plane blow up (101.24)

Ep 2 – Reentry


Morning — 11/9

  1. While being detained and questioned by NSA, passengers are given vitamin boosters and electrolytes (103.4).
  2. Saanvi introduces herself to Ben and tells him that Cal’s new treatment came from the work she was doing before the plane disappeared (102.1).
  3. When Ben and Grace take Cal for his second round of cancer treatments at the medical center, Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi (102.4).


Morning — 11/10

  1. Saanvi confides in Ben, telling him that ever since she came back to the plane and saw it explode, she has been questioning things, and although she has not heard music like Ben, has had strange feelings (102.15).
  2. After Cal shows her and Ben his familiar portrait, where there is a mysterious shadow figure, Saanvi leaves with Cal for another round of treatment (102.15).

Late Evening

  1. Saanvi watches news reports of Kelly Taylor’s murder (cf. 103.4).
  2. Saanvi calls Ben and tells him that Cal’s blood contains a protein marker that wasn’t produced by the cancer nor was it there before the flight. She’s going to continue to conduct more tests (103.4).

Ep 3 – Turbulence


Morning — 11/11

  1. After running a panel of tests on her own blood, Saanvi discovers that she has the same marker that Cal has (103.13).


  1. While Ben is searching his house to determine whether any bugs have been planted, he asks Saanvi while on the phone if she hears any clicking noises or statics. Saanvi tells him the results of her blood test (103.13).
  2. Saanvi is able to fake her way into an MRI test, and runs an MRI on herself (cf. 103.13).
  3. Saanvi continues to do research. After looking over the results of her MRI, she searches for “Elevated Glutamate Levels +insular +cortex +infarction” which shows up as “Ischemic Stroke” (103.20)


  1. Needing more data, she wants to take samples from Kelly Taylor’s body. But can find no record of her body being taken to any morgue in the city (103.27).
  2. Tries calling Ben but gets no answer. Calls Michaela and tells her that she and Ben need to come to laboratory. When they arrive she tells them that her theory as to what may happened is that the passengers were “taken close to death extremely close, and then brought back.”

Ep 4 – Unclaimed Baggage


Morning — 11/12

  1. While Saanvi is looking for Dr. Feldman, the head of the Department of Neurology at the medical center, she sees a creepy gray woman (in the form of a statue) walk past. She then notices footprints on the floor (104.2).
  2. She shows Dr. Feldman her brains scans from the MRI saying they were of a patient, showing him the unusual blood marker. Dr. Feldman tells her these images are similar to the homeless patient in room 810 who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia (104.5).
  3. After leaving his office, she again notices footprints on the floor which take her to a patient who grabs on to her yelling, “It was Bethany! Bethany! The flight attendant! Bethany, Bethany!”
  4. In the cafeteria, she tells Ben about the visions, and what the homeless patient said. Ben gives her Bethany’s contact information (104.6),


  1. Saanvi visits Bethany who immediately recognized her, “You. Row 8. Laptop girl” (104.11).
  2. Bethany explains to Saanvi that Thomas is her cousin Leo’s boyfriend and that they needed to flee Jamaica due to the country’s extreme homophobia. They figure out a way to help him (104.11).
  3. But when Saanvi and Bethany returns to the hospital, they discover Thomas is going to be moved to a state run facility in a few hours. They realize they must act quickly (104.16).


  1. Saanvi forges some discharge papers and has Bethany pose as Thomas’ mother, but he has left the hospital on his own, being led out of his room by the Gray Woman with wet footprints (104.21).
  2. While hospital is on lock down, Director Vance shows up, also looking for Thomas. Saanvi and Bethany run out onto the sidewalk where Michaela drives up in her vehicle. They are able to get in just as Director Vance makes his way outside  (104.21)
  3. In the car, Bethany connects the visions of the angel that Michaela has been seeing with Saanvi’s visions of the gray woman, and tells Michaela to go to the Angel of Waters statue in Central Park (104.22).
  4. Saanvi looks up at the statue of the angel saying, “Oh, my God! She seemed so real. It’s fascinating” (104.22).
  5. Saanvi, Michaela and Bethany find Thomas at Bethesda Fountain in front of Angel of Waters. Saanvi realizes that they must move him to a secure locations so he can withdraw safely from the massive doses of haldol he received at hospital  (104.22).
  6. They take Thomas to a boiler room inside a building Kelly owned (104.22).
  7. Saanvi tells Michaela that they need to get his some water with electrolytes, as “he’s coming off a ton of drugs he didn’t need” (104.22).
  8. Saanvi returns to the hospital to continue looking over her brain scans (104.26).

Ep 5 – Connecting Flights

DAY 10

All Day — 11/13

  1. Saanvi works long hours at the hospital, and despite everything that is going on, is able to monitor dozens of patients who are receiving treatment for cancer, and seeing great results (cf. 106.4).

Ep 6 – Off Radar

DAY 11

Morning — 11/14

  1. After Cal has been taken to the hospital with a fever, Ben opens up to Saanvi about when he first found out about Cal and she reassures him that the odds are better now (106.4).
  2. They are interrupted when they hear Cal randomly mumbling a phrase. It’s the same phrase she overheard from one of the passengers on Flight 828 (106.4).
  3. When Ben shows her a seating chart of the Montego Air Flight 828 manifestSaanvi identifies the man (Marko Valeriev) who spoke the same language Cal was using, and also the woman (Anna Ross) behind her who helped him (106.5)


  1. When they receive word from Michaela (who visited Anna Ross) that there was a fifth bus that took passengers from the airport hanger to an undisclosed location, but that that bus went missing, Ben tells Saanvi that “Buses don’t just disappear.” Saanvi’s answer? “Why not? Happens to airplanes” (106.11).
  2. Saanvi uses the printer at the nurses station, to print off maps for Ben who is looking for different areas where the fifth bus may have taken the passengers (106.11).
  3. Saanvi begins to question about blindly following a calling, “What happens when a calling tells us to do something that we don’t actually want to do…like killing someone or blowing something up. What do we do then?” (106.11).
  4. When Grace asks Saanvi if Cal should be given antibiotics, she tells her that they don’t want to derail his cancer treatment (106.20).


  1. When Ben starts to seize, and Grace insists on Cal getting antibiotics, Saanvi tells her that his infection is viral and won’t help him. Grace tells her, “I’m done with you.” Just then Cal comes out of it, and not long after, his fever breaks (106.19).

Ep 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

DAY 12

Morning — 11/15

  1. Saanvi tells Cal before being discharged, that he is “under doctor’s orders to chill out all day” (107.2).
  2. Ben tells Saanvi that he is going to follow the money and that he will be applying and interviewing for a junior revenue accountant at JP Williamson, the accounting firm of Unified Dynamic Systems (107.3).

DAY 13

Morning — 11/16

  1. Saanvi receives a phone call from Ben telling her that even though he had limited access to the company’s server, he used his supervisors ID card to find out that Fiona Clarke is working for UDS and may be responsible for what happened on the plane (107.7)


  1. They meet later for lunch where Saanvi tells Ben that Fiona Clarke started her career in neural psychology, ended up being blackballed in her field for her fringe beliefs, so she shifted to spiritual circles and blew up. Huge online presence, books, lectures (107.7)


  1. Ben and Saanvi attend “The Mirror Factor” lecture of Dr. Fiona Clarke (107.12, 107.15).
  2. After the lecture, Ben and Saanvi confront Dr. Fiona who is unaware about any missing passengers, but tells them about the Singularity Project (107.16).

DAY 14

All Day — 11/17

  1. We don’t know what Saanvi did.

Ep 8 – Point of No Return

DAYS 15 – 26

One might presume that the timeline continues as before such that Episode 8 picks up the same evening or night as the previous episode, similar to other episodes. However, after the flashback to Flight 828’s landing on November 4, 2018, episode 8 continues with a scene in which both Ben and Michaela are wearing different clothes than where they left off in episode 7 which suggests that these scenes do not occur on the same day.


  1. No mention of Saanvi during these days. We can assume she has been busy at work.

DAY 27

Since this is Cal’s first day of school, this suggest a time jump has occurred (see above). Since most of episode 8 occurs within an 18 hour time frame (cf. 108.3), and since Vance later states that the plane had come back three weeks ago (108.22), and the fact that episode 9 takes place on a Saturday, that brings Cal’s first day to Friday, November 30, 2018.

Morning/Afternoon/Evening  – 11/30

  1. No mention of Saanvi in episode 8. We can assume she has been busy at work.

Ep 9 – Dead Reckoning

DAY 28

Morning — 12/1

  1. Saanvi receives a phone call from Ben telling her about Autumn and to go to the boiler room (cf. 109.4).
  2. When Saanvi arrives at the boiler room she says Autumn needs to get some rest, and tells Fiona that her research is “wildly unethical” (109.7).
  3. When Ben says he has to call Vance, Saanvi objects and reminds him that he put Bethany in jail. Ben calls Vance (109.7)


  1. Saanvi experiences extreme pain for the first time from the electrotherapy experiments at Red Hook which have resumed (109.9).


  1. Saanvi speaks briefly with Ben and Michaela (109.23).

Ep 10 – Crosswinds

DAYS 29-37

It is uncertain how long this timeline will be able to map out the dates, or that it is even important to do so once the 28-day milestone (a significant number) has been reached in episode 9. But as long as we are given clues in the script, we will keep doing it. According to Michaela, it has been 10 days since the last calling (110.2), that means the events of Episode 10 occur on Monday, December 10, 2018. It is disparaging that there are no Christmas decorations visible, and that there are green leaves still on the trees, no snow, etc.

DAY 38

Morning — 12/10

  1. Saanvi is helping Fiona take care of the passengers who had been experimented on at the beach house. They are behaving wierdly. They all jerk in unison. Saanvi thinks it might be residual brain trauma from the experiments. The fact that they do it all together may indicated they are all connected (110.2).
  2. Saanvi sends out a text to all passengers who witnessed the plane blow up to meet at the beach house early that afternoon (cf. 110.2).
  3. Michaela arrives at the beach house, Saanvi shows her the comatose patients sitting in chairs. After Michaela awakens, Paul Santino, by simply tugging on his shirt, Saanvi has Michaela try to awaken the others, too. But she is unable. (110.7).
  4. Saanvi and Michaela question Paul who does not remember his own name or the fact that he is married to a woman named Helen who abandoned him. (110.7).


  1. Saanvi meets with the passengers saying how important it is that they share information (110.8).
  2. Michaela later in the afternoon, received a message to meet Ben and Michaela at the beach house. She learns from Ben that the Major is a woman (110.16).
  3. She spends the rest of the afternoon, looking over her lab notes to see if she can find any clues that she might have missed about what’s causing the callings and how to control them (cf. 110.16).


  1. While Saanvi is in another room at the beach house, she hears Michaela screaming at Paul Santino calling him a monster for abusing his wife. Paul has no recollection of it. Saanvi tells her to stop (110.22).
  2. vvvvvv
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What Happened? (101.4)

What Happened? (101.4)

SAANVI: It makes no sense.
Clinic Surprise (101.13)

Clinic Surprise (101.13)

SAANVI: Dr. Cardoso. Hi. Look, I don't understand. I was trying to race to you so I can get you my research off of the portal, and...

DR. CARDOSO: I got your research five years ago. Your cell-regeneration model isn't just theoretical after all.

SAANVI: It works? As an actual clinical success?
Saanvi Fights to Save Cal (101.18)

Saanvi Fights to Save Cal (101.18)

SAANVI: Do you want to know what happened to him on that plane? The exact same thing that happened to me. We both got a second chance. To start over, to live. And I can't explain to you why or how, but I'm not ruling out that just maybe he came back to be saved and I came back to save him. And I couldn't care less about the money. We're giving this boy his chance.
Cleanup (102.1)

Cleanup (102.1)

SAANVI: Hi. I'm Saanvi Bahl. You're Cal's family?

BEN: Ben Stone. This is my sister, Michaela.How do you know Cal?

SAANVI: I'm a doctor. I do cancer research. Cal's new treatment came from work I was doing before the plane disappeared.
Clinic Check-in (102.4)

Clinic Check-in (102.4)

SAANVI: Hey, guys.

BEN: Honey, this is, uh, the doctor I told you about.

GRACE: Nice to meet you.
Cal's Family Portrait (102.15)

Cal’s Family Portrait (102.15)

SAANVI: I'm questioning a lot of things.

BEN: Have you been hearing music?

SAANVI: You mean, like, in my head? I haven't heard any music, but I've had a similar feeling more than once since we've been back.

BEN: Yeah, well, at least I know I'm not going crazy. [CHUCKLES]
Cal's Blood Test (103.4)

Cal’s Blood Test (103.4)

SAANVI: Listen, I discovered something in Cal's blood. It's a marker, a protein. It wasn't there before the plane, and it wasn't produced by the cancer.
Paranoia Sets In (103.13)

Paranoia Sets In (103.13)

SAANVI: So, I've been running my own tests, pulled some of my own blood, ran a panel. And it turns out that I have it, too.

BEN: Really? It's that same marker that Cal has. So, could we all have it?

SAANVI: It's possible. Still don't know what it is. My next step is to run an MRI on myself if I can fake my way into a machine.
Ischemic Stroke (103.20)

Ischemic Stroke (103.20)

Scene switches to medical laboratory where Saanvi is checking medical records and test results. On the computer screen, we see the results of her search for "Elevated Glutamate Levels +insular +cortex +infarction" which shows up as "Ischemic Stroke."
Where is Kelly's Body? (103.27)

Where is Kelly’s Body? (103.27)

SAANVI: So, the marker in mine and Cal's blood could be a sign of ischemia. It occurs when the circulation is limited, but the potency of this marker is on par with a stroke victim.

MICHAELA: So you think we all had strokes?

SAANVI: No, not exactly. If we were taken close to death extremely close, and then brought back—if the faucet of blood circulation has been turned off and then suddenly it was turned on high, that's what it would look like.
Plane Diverted (104.1)

Plane Diverted (104.1)

SAANVI: Excuse me. How soon are we landing?

BETHANY: I'll get back to you in a moment.

SAANVI: Okay. Thank you.
Gray Woman (104.2)

Gray Woman (104.2)

Saanvi notices wet footprints on the floor. When she turns around to see where the woman went, a closeup of the woman appears.

Homeless Patient (104.5)

Homeless Patient (104.5)

SAANVI: So, my, uh, patient is in early stages of schizophrenia?

DR. FELDMAN: I'd need to observe behavior to make a diagnosis. I strongly suggest you have your patient see me for a consultation soon.

SAANVI: I'll see if I can convince her. Thank you.
Making Connections (104.6)

Making Connections (104.6)

SAANVI: Well, we definitely need to talk to her. I just have no idea where she is.

Ben sends Saanvi a text message with Bethany's contact information.

SAANVI: it's not like we exchanged numbers when Vance had us


Saanvi looks at her phone.

SAANVI: But apparently you did.
They Came Back (104.11)

They Came Back (104.11)

SAANVI: I just met a very disturbed man who said that you did something on the plane. What does he know?

BETHANY: You found him?
Homophobia in Jamaica (104.13)

Homophobia in Jamaica (104.13)

SAANVI: But why did you smuggle him out?

Bethany sits down.

BETHANY: You have any idea how dangerous being gay in Jamaica can be? When their friend was beaten to death, Leo and Thomas posted a video calling out the local police for not investigating and became targets themselves.
Unclaimed Patient (104.16)

Unclaimed Patient (104.16)

SAANVI: Hi, Dr. Feldman. Quick question about the patient in Room 810. I'd love to have a consult with him before he's discharged, and I was wondering if—

DR. FELDMAN: He's not getting discharged. No one showed up to claim him, so he's being moved to a state-run facility in a few hours.
Hospital Lockdown (104.21)

Hospital Lockdown (104.21)

SAANVI: It's the only way Thomas is gonna get out of here.

BETHANY: Mm-hmm. We're gonna get caught. Someone's bound to recognize a couple of 828ers just traipsing around here together.

SAANVI: These nurses work long shifts. Let's just hope we find someone who doesn't spend all their free time watching the 24-hour news channel.
Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)

Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)

MICHAELA: The gray woman with wings?

SAANVI: No, she didn't have wings. She left wet footprints. That's what led me to Thomas.

MICHAELA: So, we're seeing the same gray woman, but I'm seeing an angel and you're seeing wet footprints?
Bethesda Fountain (104.24)

Bethesda Fountain (104.24)

Saanvi looks up at the angel statue in the center of the fountain.

SAANVI: Oh! Oh, my God! She seemed so real. It's fascinating.

MICHAELA: Feds are gonna be on our tail. We got to get him out of here.

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