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Michaela's Hope (110.1)
Michaela’s Hope (110.1)
MICHAELA: There has got to be a reason this is happening to us. I don't know what it is. But I know one thing. I want my life back.
Saanvi's Hope (110.2)
Saanvi’s Hope (110.2)
SAANVI: What's wrong?
AUTUMN: They all jerked. All at the same time. Like fingers in a light socket. It was freaky.
Ben's Hope (110.3)
Ben’s Hope (110.3)
BEN: I've got to protect my son. Cal channeled Marko. Cal found the detainees under that warehouse. My kid is at the center of everything happening to us. I've got to know why. It just might save his life.
Lourdes' Hope (110.4)
Lourdes’ Hope (110.4)
LOURDES: I know another way that we can beat the boredom. And it doesn't involve going to work.
Cal's Hope (110.5)
Cal’s Hope (110.5)
CAL: Why can't Dad come home?
Vance's Memorial (110.6)
Vance’s Memorial (110.6)
MAN AT PODIUM: An esteemed NSA Deputy Director, a man of honor and dignity, Robert Vance died as he lived in service of our great country, uncovering a domestic terror cell's bomb-making operation in Red Hook.
"Find her!" I (110.7)
“Find her!” I (110.7)
SAANVI: Are you okay? Michaela? Did you just have a calling?
MICHAELA: [BREATHING HEAVILY] Yeah, but that was not like the other ones. I was transported to a blizzard, and I heard, "Find her."
The Passengers Gather (110.8)
The Passengers Gather (110.8)
FIONA: I study shared consciousness, like the callings you've all experienced. I don't think it was an accident I was on that flight with you. I think I was there to be an interpreter.
Daly's Departure (110.9)
Daly’s Departure (110.9)
DALY: Look, you weren't in that cockpit. No one's blaming you for what happened to MA 828. You can't help me. Coming here was a waste of time.
Autumn Switches Sides (110.10)
Autumn Switches Sides (110.10)
AUTUMN: Whatever the Major's looking for, she wants it. Bad.
BEN: She? Michaela's calling. "Find her."
Jared Back at Work (110.11)
Jared Back at Work (110.11)
MICHAELA: You know, you could've milked the "almost died" thing for way more sick days.
JARED: Doc gave me the green light. And, uh, I wanted to talk to you.
Olive's Hope (110.12)
Olive’s Hope (110.12)
OLIVE: Well, it's like they died all over again. She's barely smiling. She's not eating. Seeing her like that messed me up more than the plane, and I can't do it again.
DANNY: And I don't want you to.
OLIVE: Then if you still love us, help me help her. Please.
Two Tons of Love (110.13)
Two Tons of Love (110.13)
BEN: Hey. Mom and I both love you a ton. Two tons.
CAL: Two tons of love weighs the same as two tons of rocks. So basically, you're crushing me.
The Holy Grail (110.14)
The Holy Grail (110.14)
AARON GLOVER: I'm Aaron Glover, and that's all for this week's episode of "828-Gate," but you don't want to miss next week's episode, CHAPTER SIX: "Closing in on the Holy Grail."
Helen's House (110.15)
Helen’s House (110.15)
JARED: I do not want to know what it looks like inside that carton. November 6th.
MICHAELA: That's two days after 828 returned.
JARED: Causing her to leave in a hurry?
"Find Her!" II (110.16)
“Find Her!” II (110.16)
MICHAELA: Yeah. But these callings are so different, Ben. I thought it was about the words, but the blizzard, the wind, it just it feels more vital. Like it's not just about finding Helen.
Wrecking Ball I (110.17)
Wrecking Ball I (110.17)
MICHAELA: Helen, it's over. You're safe. Okay?
HELEN: When I got the news about 828, I thought I'd never be happy again. Paul coming back was like this wrecking ball smashing into everything I'd built.
One Minute (110.18)
One Minute (110.18)
BEN: I get it you blame me for Vance's death. But I didn't get your boss killed. Give me five minutes, and you'll know who did.
POWELL: One minute.
Wrecking Ball II (110.19)
Wrecking Ball II (110.19)
MICHAELA [TO JARED]: Why didn't you come to the hangar when the plane came back? I'll tell you why because I am a giant wrecking ball smashing into your life.
Believers (110.20)
Believers (110.20)
WOMAN [TO ADRIAN]: Excuse me. Can we touch you? Please.
Confrontation I (110.21)
Confrontation I (110.21)
OLIVE: I don't want him to go.
GRACE: Olive, this is a family matter.
OLIVE: What the hell, Mom?! Danny is family!
Confrontation II (110.22)
Confrontation II (110.22)
MICHAELA: ...maybe you don't want to remember what a monster you are. You beat your wife.
Confrontation III (110.23)
Confrontation III (110.23)
BEN: I am not dead anymore. I am right here. And why does he get to be in my house with my children?
DANNY: You are the whole reason this family is messed up. I'm trying to pick up the pieces.
Soulmates (110.24)
Soulmates (110.24)
JARED: I love you. It's always been you. I didn't cheat death to live a half a life. Neither did you.
The Major is Coming (110.25)
The Major is Coming (110.25)
POWELL: Just watch your six. The Black Hawk filed a flight plan—New York City. Whoever the Major is, she's comin'.
Ben's Podcast (110.26)
Ben’s Podcast (110.26)
BEN: ...I don't know what Holy Grail the Major is closing in on. But I do know this I will not let my family be collateral damage in her quest.
Danny's Goodbye (110.27)
Danny’s Goodbye (110.27)
DANNY: You don't need to say anything. If you're ready, when you're ready: next week, next month, next year, just say the word.
"Find Her!" III (110.28)
“Find Her!” III (110.28)
MICHAELA: The voice in my head. It's not mine. What the hell's going on?
The Taken (110.29)
The Taken (110.29)
MAN [TO AUTUMN]: I understand. And I think perhaps you lost your phone?

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