Season One Episodes

Episode 1 – PILOT

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: September 24, 2018

101 - Synopsis

When a plane that disappeared five years ago returns, those onboard must piece together their old lives while dealing with mysterious voices in their heads. Go to Page

101 - Scene Thumbnails

The Stone Family (101.1)
The Flight to New York (101.2)
Tarmac Revelation (101.3)
What Happened? (101.4)
Stone Family Reunion (101.5)
All Things... (101.6)
FBI Investigation (101.7)
Police Precinct Visit (101.8)
Treatment Protocols (101.9)
TV news report (101.10)
Slower! Slower! (101.11)
Hearing Voices (101.12)
Clinic Surprise (101.13)
Ben needs to get a job (101.14)
Set them free! - I (101.15)
Jared Helps Michaela (101.16)
Olive's Soccer Practice (101.17)
Saanvi Fights to Save Cal (101.18)
Set them Free! - II (101.19)
Congratulations (101.20)
Grace's Apology (101.21)
Investigation Update (101.22)
Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)
Passengers are called (101.24)
101 - Curated Articles

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101 - Guest Stars

Joel de la Fuente (Dr. Brian Cardoso),
Frank Deal (Capt. Bill Daly),
Curtiss Cook (Radd Campbell),
Richard Topol (Harvey),
Julienne Hanzelka Kim (Kelly Taylor),
Daryl Edwards (NSA Director Vance),
Jim True-Frost (Rector Dave Hynes),
Alfredo Narciso (Captain Riojas),
Mugga (Bethany Collins),
Malachy Cleary (Grandpa Steve),
Geraldine Leer (Grandma Karen),
Jenna Kurmemaj (Young Olive),
Leajato Amara Robinson (Co-Pilot Danny Clarke),
Erika Rolfsrud (Lead Investigator),
Kapil Bawa (Saanvi’s Dad),
Jonee B. Shady (Saanvi’s Mother),
John Wojda (Garrison),
Mark Kenneth Smaltz (Sgt. Robertson),
Omar Torres (Uniform Cop Diaz),
Thursday Farrar (Dr. Williams),
Allyson Kaye Daniel (Airline Gate Agent),
Giuseppe Ardizzone (Bus Driver),
Onata Aprile (Hallie Pyler),
Lacey DeLaFuente (Samantha Pyler),
Josh Philip Weinstein (Dr. Miller),
Whitney Andrews (Med Student),
Jacque Reid (Local News Anchor),
Dylan Holmes (Toddler),
Botao Yu (Soccer Coach),
Alexandra Abrams (Patient),
Robert Bellacicco (National Guard),
Brooke Carrell (Airplane Passenger),
Casey Cimilluca (Hospital Executive),
Joseph Fisher (FEMA Agent),
Courtney Gonzalez (FBI Agent),
Michael Habernig (NSA Agent),
Jennymar Holmes (Toddler’s Mom),
Brandi Larkin (Core Airline Passenger),
Christian Marrero (Core Airline Passenger),
Jackie McClain (Airport Official),
Homero Antonio Gonzalez McDougall (Passenger),
Dustin Nichols (Airplane Passenger)

Episode 2 – REENTRY

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 1, 2018 — The passengers find themselves under government scrutiny; Ben tries to help a fellow passenger reconnect with his son; Cal is approached by an obsessive stranger; Grace and Olive disagree over revealing a devastating secret. Go to Page

Episode 102 - Scene Thumbnails
Cleanup (102.1)
Stranger in the House I (102.2)
Uncharted Waters (102.3)
Clinic Check-in (102.4)
Times Square Music (102.5)
Days or Years? (102.6)
Reunion at Rikers (102.7)
Zealot Woman (102.8)
Out of Business  (102.9)
Need for Vigilance (102.10)
Trigger Finger (102.11 )
Government Roundtable (102.12)
Spitballing (102.13)
Stranger in the House II (102.14)
Cal's Family Portrait (102.15)
Faith vs. Science (102.16)
Tell Them I am Good (102.17)
Remembering Michaela (102.18)
Ben Follows the Music (102.19)
Magic vs. Technology (102.20)
Cal's Dragon (102.21)
Out of Place (102.22)
Reentry (102.23)
Kelly is Murdered (102.24)

Episode 3 – TURBULENCE

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 8, 2018Ben and Michaela investigate a shocking murder in fear that it’s connected to Flight 828. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to accept the life Grace led in his absence, while Olive and Cal realize that being twins after five and a half years apart is harder than they thought. Go to Page

Episode 103 - Scene Thumbnails
Plane in Jamaica (103.1)
Own Your Truth (103.2)
Twins Code I (103.3)
Cal's Blood Test (103.4)
The Car Crash (103.5)
The Crime Scene (103.6)
Living Expenses (103.7)
Kelly's Calling (103.8)
Kelly's Housekeeper (103.9)
Get Out! (103.10)
It Feels Like Cheating (103.11)
Evie's Parents (103.12)
Paranoia Sets In (103.13)
Cal and Kevin (103.14)
Twins Code II (103.15)
Mr. Taylor's Mall (103.16)
Twins Code III (103.17)
NSA Investigation (103.18)
Slumlord (103.19)
Ischemic Stroke (103.20)
House Intruder? (103.21)
Isaiah's Revelation (103.22)
Designated Driver (103.23)
Murder Solved (103.24)
Cat's Cradle (103.25)
One Truth Leads to Five (103.26)
Where is Kelly's Body? (103.27)


ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 15, 2018 — When a mysterious message leads Saanvi to the flight attendant of 828, she enlists Ben’s help in uncovering a secret about the plane. Meanwhile, Michaela begins to question the nature of the callings when one goes horribly awry, leaving Jared to suffer the consequences. Go to Page

Episode 104 - Scene Thumbnails
Plane Diverted (104.1)
Gray Woman (104.2)
Pack Rat Ben (104.3)
Be Safe Out There (104.4)
Homeless Patient (104.5)
Making Connections (104.6)
Dishing It Up (104.7)
Life Insurance (104.8)
Cosmetic Store (104.9)
Save Him! (104.10)
They Came Back (104.11)
The Stowaway (104.12)
Homophobia in Jamaica (104.13)
Sexy Math (104.14)
Code of Silence (104.15)
Unclaimed Patient (104.16)
Ben, Meet Danny (104.17)
Downed Airplane (104.18)
Jared takes the fall (104.19)
Free Pass (104.20)
Hospital Lockdown (104.21)
Who is Gray Woman? (104.22)
Whose Daughter? (104.23)
Bethesda Fountain (104.24)
Blessing or a Curse? (104.25)
What Do You Want? (104.26)


ORIGINAL AIR DATE: October 22, 2018 — Stories unfold for those left behind in the aftermath of Flight 828’s disappearance. Meanwhile in the present, Cal takes Ben on a mysterious adventure that awakens Ben to his son’s perplexing abilities. Michaela tries to protect Jared from consequences at work, while keeping her romantic feelings at bay. Go to Page

Episode 105 - Scene Thumbnails
Airline Talk (105.1)
Flight 828 Missing (105.2)
In the Boiler Room (105.3)
In an NSA office (105.4)
At the Police Station (105.5)
At the Stone's House (105.6)
Wake-up Call (105.7)
Three Amigas (105.8)
Gee, Grace, You look... (105.9)
Coney Island (105.10)
All for One (105.11)
First Kiss (105.12)
Meatloaf Dinner (105.13)
Cal Leads Ben (105.14)
Under Arrest! (105.15)
Blown Away (105.16)
To Fight Like Hell (105.17)
Carpe Diem! (105.18)
For the Sake of Thomas (105.19)
For the Sake of Michaela (105.20)
For the Sake of Olive (105.21)
Ten days pay (105.22)
Cal's End Game (105.23)
Lourdes' Insecurity (105.24)
Day of Return (105.25)
Two and Two (105.26)
Spider Web (105.27)
It's All Connected (105.28)

Episode 6 – OFF RADAR

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 5, 2018 — When Cal wakes with a life-threatening fever, Michaela and Ben attempt to track down a mysterious passenger who they suspect his condition may be related to. Go to Page

Episode 106 - Scene Thumbnails
"Can Anyone Help?" (106.1)
Investigative Minds (106.2)
Personal Day (106.3)
Pomogni Mi! (106.4)
Beautiful Mind (106.5)
Motel Living (106.6)
Rabbit Hole (106.7)
Leave Me Out (106.8)
Misplaced Bus (106.9)
Pobŭrzaĭte! (106.10)
How Far? (106.11)
You Know this How? (106.12)
Make It Stop! (106.13)
What the Hell? (106.14)
Treating Cal's Illness (106.15)
Time for Answers (106.16)
Holistic vs. Scientific (106.17)
Ben's DHS Walk-In (106.18)
Unified Dynamic Systems (106.19)
Moment of truth (106.20)
Breaking Point (106.21)
All Passengers Accounted (106.22)
All that Matters (106.23)
It's Not Over (106.24)

Episode 7 – S.N.A.F.U.

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 12, 2018 — With the detained passengers secretly moved, Ben takes advantage of an old friend to find out where the passengers were taken; A mysterious new version of the calling pulls Michaela into a murder investigation. Go to Page

Episode 107 - Scene Thumbnails
All in This Together (107.1)
Cal's Discharge (107.2)
Ben Follows the Money (107.3)
Family Dynamics I (107.4)
Ben's First Day (107.5)
Where's Evie? (107.6)
Fiona Clarke (107.7)
Rock Climbing I (107.8)
NSA Watch (107.9)
Heartbeat Calling (107.10)
Justice? (107.11)
Heavy Stuff (107.12)
Weirded Out (107.13)
Revenge? (107.14)
The Mirror Factor (107.15)
Confronting Fiona  (107.16)
Late Night Poker (107.17)
The Dad Factor (107.18)
Carlos Comes Clean (107.19)
Rock Climbing II (107.20)
Data Dump (107.21)
Suspect Tracked (107.22)
Climbing Tension (107.23)
Heartbeat Connection (107.24)
All Okay (107.25)
Ben is given a sign (107.26)

Episode 8 – Point of No Return

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 19, 2018Ben finds himself working with an unexpected partner to search for the missing Flight 828 passengers; Michaela fears for the lives of her loved ones after she has a mysterious calling; Cal returns to school. Go to Page

Episode 108 - Scene Thumbnails
"I Don't Want to Die" (108.1)
A New Normal (108.2)
SP Push (108.3)
Making Plans (108.4)
First Day of School (108.5)
"Don't Lose Him" (108.6)
Surprise! Surprise!  (108.7)
Freedman Jumper (108.8)
Face to face meeting (108.9)
Not Getting It (108.10)
Getting Close (108.11)
Michaela gets too Close (108.12)
Failed Call (108.13)
Family Matters (108.14)
Angel of Death (108.15)
School Lunch (108.16)
Point of No Return (108.17)
O'Ryan's Tavern (108.18)
Le Rouge (108.19)
Date Night (108.20)
Triangulation Order (108.21)
Michaela's Worry (108.22)
Down Power Line (108.23)
Ben Checks on Cal (108.24)
UDS Records Department (108.25)
Points of View (108.26)

Episode 9 – Dead Reckoning

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 26, 2018 — MID-SEASON FINALE:  Ben and Michaela put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, but the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive. The devastating result pushes Ben and Grace to a traumatic brink, while pulling Michaela and Jared dangerously close together. Go to Page

Episode 109 - Scene Thumbnails
NSA Interviews (109.1)
At Vance's House (109.2)
Family Time (109.3)
Autumn's Story (109.4)
Time Cut Short (109.5)
Michaela's Care (109.6)
Electrotherapy (109.7)
Ben Tells All to Vance (109.8)
Red Hook Experiments (109.9)
Separate Plans (109.10)
Jared's Cares (109.11)
Ben's Termination (109.12)
Red Hook Surprises (109.13)
Cal's Note (109.14)
Rescue of the Captives (109.15)
Follow the Lights! (109.16)
Red Hook Explosion (109.17)
Just Stay Away! (109.18)
At the Hospital (109.19)
It's All about Cal (109.20)
Stay with Me (109.21)
Calling Connection (109.22)
Now What? (109.23)

Episode 10 – Crosswinds

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 7, 2019Michaela’s mystifying, next-level calling launches her on a mission that brings her relationship with Jared to a head. Determined to protect his family, Ben explores an alternate meaning to Michaela’s calling that leads him to a new alliance and a powerful new adversary. Cal’s struggle with Ben’s absence from home forces the Stones into an agonizing confrontation that could alter the family’s fabric forever. Go to Page

Episode 110 - Scene Thumbnails
Michaela's Hope (110.1)
Saanvi's Hope (110.2)
Ben's Hope (110.3)
Lourdes' Hope (110.4)
Cal's Hope (110.5)
Vance's Memorial (110.6)
"Find her!" I (110.7)
The Passengers Gather (110.8)
Daly's Departure (110.9)
Autumn Switches Sides (110.10)
Jared Back at Work (110.11)
Olive's Hope (110.12)
Two Tons of Love (110.13)
The Holy Grail (110.14)
Helen's House (110.15)
"Find Her!" II (110.16)
Wrecking Ball I (110.17)
One Minute (110.18)
Wrecking Ball II (110.19)
Believers (110.20)
Confrontation I (110.21)
Confrontation II (110.22)
Confrontation III (110.23)
Soulmates (110.24)
The Major is Coming (110.25)
Ben's Podcast (110.26)
Danny's Goodbye (110.27)
"Find Her!" III (110.28)
The Taken (110.29)
"Find Her!" IV (110.30)

Episode 11 – Contrails

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 14, 2019 — Willing to follow any lead to keep his son safe from The Major, Ben heeds Cal’s calling to help Captain Daly clear his name for what happened to Flight 828. The journey uncovers a seeming conspiracy that stems all the way back to the day the plane disappeared. Meanwhile, Michaela assists Autumn in her own journey of redemption – but has Autumn truly set out to redeem herself, or is she still working against the passengers? Go to Page

Episode 111 - Scene Thumbnails
Unconventional Maneuvers (111.1)
What Cal Knows  (111.2)
The Morning After (111.3)
Searching for answers (111.4)
Captain Future (111.5)
Roger Mencin (111.6)
Knock, Knock (111.7)
Dark Lightning (111.8)
Stolen Identity (111.9)
Plane Crash 6x Over (111.10)
Autumn, the Spy (111.11)
Fiona's Garden (111.12)
Accident Awareness (111.13)
Daly's Apartment (111.14)
Fiona Daly'd (111.15)
Cal, the Builder (111.16)
We Got a Problem (111.17)
Autumn's Search (111.18)
Daly's Desperation (111.19)
Penetration Altitude (111.20)
Pilot's Wings (111.21)
Cal Goes Missing (111.22)

Episode 12 – Vanishing Point

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 21, 2019Grace and Ben‘s desperate search for Cal, using his drawings as clues to his whereabouts, leads them to the Catskill Mountains of New York and to a startling, game-changing discovery. Michaela arrests and interrogates a traitorous Autumn. Go to Page

Episode 112 - Scene Thumbnails
Grace Calls the Police (112.1)
Autumn is Arrested (112.2)
Jansen's Surveillance I (112.3)
Tell and Show Time (112.4)
Jared's Assistance (112.5)
Road Trip North (112.6)
Autumn Breaks Her Silence (112.7)
Tannersville, NY (112.8)
Autumn's Child (112.9)
Twinuition (112.10)
Sidewalk Emotions (112.11)
Jansen's Surveillance II (112.12)
Search for Cal Continues (112.13)
Hidden Benefits (112.14)
Snow Flurries (112.15)
Turn Left (112.16)
Finding Cal (112.17)
The Major (112.18)
Seeking Connections (112.19)
What Year? (112.20)

Episode 13 – Cleared for Approach

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 28, 2019Michaela digs deeper into her connection with a mysterious stranger, while still reeling from the outcome of Cal’s calling. After a close call with Major’s henchmen, Ben finds himself facing a terrifying new threat that is growing exponentially. Meanwhile, Saanvi has new data to mine, and she’s more than happy to dig into it until the threat arrives at her doorstep as well. Go to Page

Episode 113 - Scene Thumbnails
Bait Shop I (113.1)
Lists of Questions (113.2)
Checking Out (113.3)
Billboard Sign (113.4)
"Go Back!" I  (113.5)
Back Home (113.6)
Bait Shop II (113.7)
"X" Marks the Spot (113.8)
Hike in the Woods (113.9)
Police Investigation (113.10)
"Go Back!" II (113.11)
Father and Daughter (113.12)
Aftershock Theory (113.13)
Sharing of Wrongs (113.14)
Anti-828 sentiment (113.15)
In Loving Memory (113.16)
The Peacock (113.17)
Live-streamed (113.18)
Mother and Son (113.19)
Ben's Arrest (113.20)
"Go Back!" III (113.21)
An Ugly Mark (113.22)
Red X at Hospital (113.23)
Pictograph (113.24)

Episode 14 – Upgrade

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feburary 4, 2019Ben and Michaela try to figure out what Zeke’s return means in the bigger picture. Cal has another ominous calling and is nervous to connect with Zeke; Saanvi gets a frantic visit from someone looking to her for hope and salvation.
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Episode 114 - Scene Thumbnails
Best Brother Ever (114.1)
Church of the Returned I (114.2)
The Bigger Picture (114.3)
Jared Needs More Time (114.4)
"It's Coming!" I (114.5)
Start of Saanvi's Day  (114.6)
"It's Coming!" II (114.7)
On the Look Out (114.8)
"It's Coming!" III (114.9)
Doctor's Home Visit (114.10)
Church Flier (114.11)
Grace's Intervention (114.12)
Church of the Returned II (114.13)
Saanvi's Playbook (114.14)
Broken Marriage (114.15)
"It's Coming!" IV (114.16)
Ben Rescues Saanvi (114.17)
Church of the Returned III (114.18)
Eye on the Prize (114.19)
Like Father, Like Daughter (114.20)
An End or a Beginning? (114.21)
"It's Coming!" V (114.22)

Episode 15 – Hard Landing

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: February 11, 2019Michaela meets the mysterious James Griffin during a police investigation.The passengers learn what happens when the callings fall in the wrong hands.Jared finds out about Zeke, setting him at odds with Michaela and her trust in the callings. Go to Page

Episode 115 - Scene Thumbnails
The Cordoba Heist (115.1)
Emergency Room (115.2)
Who is Griffin? (115.3)
Questions of Trust (115.4)
Stone Family Network (115.5)
Opposing Game Plans (115.6)
Scoping Out the Threat (115.7)
Griffin's Upbringing (115.8)
Undercurrents I (115.9)
Foster Care Research (115.10)
Undercurrents II (115.11)
Carrying Shame (115.12)
Time Running Out (115.13)
Childhood Canoe Trip (115.14)
Saanvi on the Verge (115.15)
Dueling Showdown (115.16)
Undercurrents III (115.17)
Good and Evil (115.18)
Undercurrents IV (115.19)
A Whole New Level (115.20)
Times Square Clearances (115.21)

Episode 16 – Estimated Time of Departure

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feburary 18, 2019Ben and Michaela must confront a dire threat to the passengers’ safety when Griffin schemes to take the callings public.Tensions between Jared and Zeke reach a boiling point.Ben, Grace, and Olive make a devastating discovery. Go to Page

Episode 116 - Scene Thumbnails
Back to Simpler Times (116.1)
Amping Up the Danger (116.2)
Zeke's Struggles (116.3)
"Stop Him!" I (116.4)
Difficult Encounters (116.5)
Physician Heal Thyself (116.6)
Cemetery Drawing (116.7)
Upcoming Interview (116.8)
Back Alley Purchase (116.9)
Olive's Bond (116.10)
"Stop Him!" II (116.11)
Death by Drowning (116.12)
The Major's Play (116.13)
Jared's Obsession (116.14)
Autopsy Report I (116.15)
Zeke's Mom (116.16)
Feeling Mom (116.17)
Autopsy Report II (116.18)
"Stop Him!" III (116.19)
Expiration Date (116.20)
Saanvi's Therapist (116.21)
Lingering Resentments (116.22)
"Stop Him!" IV (116.23)

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