“It’s Coming!” IV (114.16)

The bond between Zeke and Cal grows after Zeke shares that he once had a little sister. When Zeke asks him to draw the roof, Cal says he can't help. "If I draw it, it will happen." Grace and Zeke encourage Cal to draw something fun, to test out the theory that whatever he draws … Continue reading “It’s Coming!” IV (114.16)

“It’s Coming!” III (114.9)

Cal is nervous to connect with ZekeBen thinks something might be wrong when Saanvi has not texted him. — READ MORE add a comment Zeke Seeks Understanding Scene shifts to Stone house. CAL: It was just a nightmare. I don't want to talk about it. BEN: Buddy, it's it's okay. Zeke had a callingContinue reading “It’s Coming!” III (114.9)