Broken Marriage (114.15)

Lourdes asks Michaela if something is going on between her and Jared. Michaela tells her she regrets it, but that Jared belongs to Lourdes. Lourdes blames Michaela for her "broken marriage."  Meanwhile, Jared is with divers who are looking for the getaway vehicle in the river when he receives a text from Michaela, "Lourdes knows." … Continue reading Broken Marriage (114.15)

Jared Needs More Time (114.4)

Jared and Lourdes are in bed kissing, and although Lourdes wants to go further, Jared is unresponsive telling her that he needs more time. Lourdes asks him if Michaela is back yet. — READ MORE add a comment Question One Scene shifts to Jared and Lourdes' bedroom where they are kissing. LOURDESJared, what's going … Continue reading Jared Needs More Time (114.4)